Refreshing Mountain has activities for everyone.

Challenge your group and build a team atmosphere using Refreshing Mountain’s exciting selection of activities. Group activities are designed to work for 15-20 people, though we can run larger groups through activities using a rotation format. Contact us today for help creating an activities schedule that best fits your group and budget for your event.

Browse our activity offerings below to learn more about our outdoor adventure activities and rates- including pictures and descriptions.


Activities Discount Details

For Overnight and Day Events

Overnight Events:

Defined: Groups of 20+ people (ages 8+) with a contract for a retreat package of 1+ night/3+ meals.

  • Events Jan 3 – March 24: 40% discount* off hourly priced activities up to 5PM
  • Events March 25 – Dec 31: 25% discount* off on hourly activities
  • Booked activities can be adjusted up until 4 weeks of arrival date without penalties
    • Activity changes within 4 weeks of arrival date will disqualify your event from discounts and may incur additional costs

*Applied as long as the retreat leader submits their retreat’s list of desired activities and the number of hours for each activity to Guest Services at Refreshing Mountain 9 weeks (63 days) prior to your arrival date

Day Events:

Defined: Groups of 20+ people for a day adventure

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Amenities at Refreshing Mountain

Whether you’re coming to Refreshing Mountain with your small group or family, our offerings have something for everyone.
From small groups to large gatherings, we have the recreational space, activities, and tools you need to make the most out of your weekend with us.


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People Love Retreats At Refreshing Mountain

Don’t take our word for it

Karen Spangler Harnish
17:46 27 Sep 21
something for everyone. our family of 14, ranging in age from 7 to 72! loved the 2 escape rooms , ziplining, obstacle course, climbing wall, giant swing, fishing, ... wildlife center, archery.everything top quality, staff all so friendly, kind and great at their jobs. Mark
in the wildlife center was so knowledgeable and his love for reptiles and birds of prey was very obvious. the retreat center is a jewel right here in our county. thanks for a fabulous 50th Anniversary family weekend!!
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Generally, No.  We need to schedule staff in advance, plus, our activities generally will get pretty full as we get close to the dates.  Also, you get better rates for activities if you book them ahead of time (with an overnight retreat, at least 60+ days in advance).  There are times where we can squeeze a few things in last minute, so it never hurts to ask if a last-minute add-on is possible, but especially if you are planning for a large group, you should plan for that ahead of time.

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“Activities” and “Recreational Facilities” are two important terms at Refreshing Mountain.  It is important that you understand the difference between the two as you plan your retreat.
“Recreational Facilities” are areas that you have access to at NO EXTRA COST.  “Recreational Facilities” includes Gym #1, Gym #2, the playground, hiking trails, Pavilions, Baseball Field, Sand Volley Ball courts, Soccer Field, Outdoor Basketball Court, pond, Camp Store (although a small “opening fee” may apply at some times), and the Pool (seasonal), during the Community Pool hours.  You can block time into these areas without adding cost to your event. (see the FAQ regarding “when can I schedule….” For additional details).
“Activities” are optional programming options that we offer which you can add to your event FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE.  These include Ziplines, Climbing Tower, Archery, Paintball Obstacle Course, Nature Programs, Equestrian Programs, Teambuilding, Geocaching, Campfires, Private Pool Parties, etc.  There are a lot of details that go into the planning portion of these Activities, so talk with Guest Services if you have questions about adding them onto your event.  Overnight Retreats do have significant discounts available to them for these add-ons, provided that you schedule them 60+ days before your arrival.
Access to these recreational facilities is dictated by your schedule.  We do not just have “free time” where any group can use the spaces without reserving them.  Several months before your event, Guest Services will ask you to submit a preliminary schedule and on that schedule you need to delineate the spaces you want to use at any given time.  For instance, you might write “Team Games” on your schedule, but we need to know if you want to use the baseball field, soccer field, a gym, or some other space for that activity, so you need to let us know the location you want as part of the planning process.
Once we have your preliminary schedule, we will compare it to other activities happening at the same time to make sure there is no conflict between groups.
Here are a few guidelines for creating your preliminary schedule:
  1. Submit it early.  2-3 months before your retreat is recommended.
  2. Make sure to get your mealtimes from Guest Services before you build your schedule, that way you can build your other requests around your mealtimes.
  3. In general, for spaces like gyms, sports fields, etc, limit requests to 2-hour blocks of time, morning, afternoon, and evening. These are recommended time slots that we commonly used for these spaces:
·       8am – 10am OR 10am – 12pm
·       1pm – 3pm OR 3pm – 5pm
·       6pm – 8pm OR 8pm – 10pm OR 10pm – 12am
·       If you would like to have times different from this and/or more time within a bracket, feel free to note this for Guest Services.  We start with these parameters to make sure all groups have the option at some time, but once all of the schedules are set, we are happy to go back through and add more time in for you, if there are slots still open.  Talk to Guests Services about this more.
  1. On your schedule, we appreciate if you can include the text “Please be prompt” at each mealtime. See the FAQ on mealtimes for more details on this.
  2. On your departing day, please make sure to list your “LODGING CHECKOUT TIME” as this is likely different from your departure time. Check your contract and/or with Guest Services, but generally, checkout of lodging is 9 AM (or right after breakfast) on your departing day.

Yes. Our prices are discounted when you add on activities such as ziplines, climbing tower, wildlife programs, etc. to your overnight retreat group.

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