A Christian Retreat Center That Meets Your Needs

An all-inclusive christian retreat center for groups of all ages

Retreats at Refreshing Mountain provide a unique setting to engage with each other and to have space to spread out. We offer customizable food and activities packages that help you meet your budget while experiencing all of the refreshments and excitement we have to offer.

Bring the fun and excitement back into retreat planning

Let’s face it, planning a christian retreat that checks all the boxes isn’t always an easy task. At Refreshing Mountain Retreat, we work with pastors, ministry leaders, and others in the church to plan a fun and exciting retreats for their specific group needs.

If these struggles sound familiar, know that our team is here to help.

  • Not enough time
  • Too many choices
  • Limited budget and chaperones
  • Group approval
  • Various interests to meet

We’ve created christian retreat packages and itineraries to alleviate these struggles and create memorable experiences that aren’t a hassle to plan.

Kids having fun at a christian retreat at Refreshing Mountain in Lancaster, PA.

Group Retreat Center Amenities

Whether you’re coming to Refreshing Mountain with your small group or family, our offerings have something for everyone.
From small groups to large gatherings, we have the recreational space, activities, and tools you need to make the most out of your weekend with us.

Ready to start planning your upcoming retreat?

We make the process as simple as possible for you.

  1. Connect with our team. To get started, connect with us to learn more about reservations, packages, and amenities your group will want and need.
  2. Confirm your reservation. Once you have an idea of when you will hold your retreat and what package you need, simply confirm your reservation and we’ll help you handle the rest.
  3. Arrive for your retreat! We will be looking forward to seeing you for your retreat weekend. Bring the group, prepare to have a wonderful time, and rest assured that we will have everything ready for your arrival.
Family and kid friendly Team-building Challenge at Refreshing Mountain Christian Retreat and Outdoor Center in Lancaster, PA.

Group Retreat Promotions

People Love Retreats At Refreshing Mountain

Don’t take our word for it

Gary Groff
Great place to visit for a day adventure or a weekend retreat. Facilities very well maintained and organized. Plenty of great activities to do with the kids. ... Christmas lights were everywhere and very well laid out.read more

More About Refreshing Mountain

Escape to Refreshing Mountain, a year-round, non-denominational, Christian Retreat Center in PA, built on 80 acres of beautiful Pennsylvania woodland. We help you host heart-changing retreats for youth groups, women’s ministries, men’s groups, families, and more.

Our mission is to provide clean, comfortable, and safe facilities where you can be refreshed. We’ll take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy your time! We offer retreat packages for groups of all sizes that include meals, lodging, and the use of our meeting spaces and recreational facilities. We also offer guided activities that can be added to complement your group retreat event programming.

Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center in Lancaster, PA during the summer time

You have questions. We have the answers.

Do you have questions about planning your retreat? We have the answers you need.

What COVID-19 Protocols is Refreshing Mountain following?

From exploring the outdoors to spending quality time with your family, we understand what life has been like for you this year. Right now, we’re so thankful for the opportunities we have to help you connect and refresh. Learn more about what we’re doing to ensure safety during COVID-19

How Much Deposit Do I Need To Reserve A Retreat?

That depends on how many people you have, what type of lodging you use, and how long you stay. The specific amount will be set on your contract, but here are some common scenarios for many groups we host.
20 to 60 persons $450 per night
61 to 120 persons $800 per night
121 to 180 persons $1,500 per night
181 to 250 persons $2,000 per night
251 to 350 persons $3,000 per night
350 + persons $4,000 per night
The deposit is generally due with your contract, 1-2 weeks from when you place a temporary hold.

What Is The Retreat Reservation Process?

To book a Retreat at Refreshing Mountain, please use the following steps:
Contact us to discuss the type of retreat that you are planning, the approximate number of people that will attend, and available dates. It is also recommended that you come and take a camp tour (or at least scroll through our Virtual Tour online), especially if this is the first time that you have held a retreat here. Please call in advance to set up a tour time. We conduct tours daily except Sundays.
Place a Temporary Hold on a suitable date(s) (this will hold for 1-2 weeks). At this point, we will send you a contract to review.
Sign and return a RETREAT CONTRACT along with your DEPOSIT (the amount will be listed on your contract) . On the contract, you will be reserving space for a minimum and maximum # of people. Your final attendance number is due 2 weeks before the event start date.
Once your reservation is confirmed, your space is secured. Usually, about 3-4 months prior to the event, we will begin planning the details of your schedule.

What Size Group Can I Bring For An Overnight Christian Retreat?

The minimum group size is 30 persons in bunks and 21 in lodge/private rooms. For cabins, there is no minimum group size (the cabins can be rented individually). The maximum group size (comfortably) is 450 persons, but we will allow for larger groups in certain cases (we have the capacity for up to 515 overnight guests). Talk to reservation staff for more details.
If you have less than 20 persons and are interested in a retreat at RMC, please call and talk to the reservation staff at 1-888-353-1490. There are certain times when we will lower the minimum number of people in a specific group, and/or we can look at blocking several cabins to accommodate your group.

How far in advance can I make a retreat reservation?

We take reservations up to 12 months in advance. This gives our existing groups the first option to rebook for the following year. If you are interested in booking a retreat more than 12 months in advance, you are still welcome to contact us to tell us about the retreat details you are looking for. We will place you on a “wait list” and then follow up with you once we know about availability.

Can I rent the Retreat Facilities Exclusively?

Yes, with the exception of the pool area and activities like the Ziplines, Climbing Tower, etc. If you contract for a minimum group size of 351 persons, we will hold the retreat facilities exclusively for your group. Facilities refers specifically to the following: All lodging (Bunks, Lodges, Cabins, Private Rooms), all meeting rooms, both gyms, and the Dining Hall. Unless special arrangements are made, Refreshing Mountain reserves the right to rent campsites to patrons (the campsites are in a different area from the rest of the retreat area), to rent activities like ziplines, climbing tower, etc. to day guests (but your group will have the first option to book them if you are interested in these), and to have the pool open to the community. In all cases, we will make every effort to ensure that any other bookings we accept in addition to an “exclusive” retreat, do not hinder the accessibility of the facilities by the exclusive group.

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