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Guided Adventures

All activities for group sizes 1-8 people

All Lodging

Cabins & Hotel Rooms

Community Pool

Day Passes, Private Swim Parties, Swim Lessons

Guided Adventures

All Activities for groups 1-8

Ziplines, Wildlife Center, Farm Area, and Escape Rooms:

  1. MIN AGE AND MAX WEIGHT. Participants are age 5+ and under 280 lbs. Riders over the weight of 250 lbs should be in good physical condition to participate. For Horse Rides, max weight is 200 lbs. Participants will weigh in at the start of the tour.
  2. CANCELLATION POLICY. Full Payment is due with the reservation. Up to 3 days before the start time, customers can 1) change the tour date/time at no cost, 2) cancel the current booking and receive Store Credit for the full value of the cancellation, or 3) cancel the current booking and receive a refund minus the booking fee. Within 3 days, no changes are possible and there are no refunds for cancellation, except in cases of inclement weather. We are rain or shine, but if we determine inclement weather would affect the comfort and/or safety of the guest or guides (ex: high winds, lightning, heavy downpour, extreme temperatures, etc…), customers will have the option to re-schedule at no cost or receive store credit. COVID-19 AMENDMENT. Any guest(s) that feel unwell prior to their tour should call the office to re-schedule. Full value of the amount paid will be posted forward as store credit for a new date, and no fees will be assessed on the schedule change.

All Activities and Events for Large Groups of 9+ including Hourly Activities

This includes day events and activities for groups of 9+ people scheduled on Zipline, Ascent Package, Basecamp Package, High Ropes, Wildlife Experiences, Farm Experiences, Escape Rooms, Teambuilding, hourly activities, meeting room rentals, company outings, and any other large group day event of 9+ people.

These terms represent the agreement reached between Refreshing Mountain (hereafter RM) and the entity names as the Sponsoring Organization

FINAL NUMBERS: The Sponsoring Organization understands these terms stipulate the numbers reserved at time of booking.

      • Final Numbers for Activities: A reduction in total numbers can be made up to 3 days prior to the event within 25% of original total number given at booking. Any reductions in numbers can be made within 3 days up to 10% of original total number given at booking. Additions can be made at anytime for an additional cost, as long as there is availability.
      • Final Numbers for Meals: If a meal plan is being provided by RM for this event, a final head count for the meal(s) is due at least 7 days before arrival.

      DEPOSIT/FINAL PAYMENT: A deposit of at least 50% or $500, whichever is higher, is due at the time of reservation. Full payment is due 30 days out from the date of the event. If booking within 30 days of the event, the full amount is due at the time of booking. If the event total is under $500.00, the total balance will be billed as one payment. Funds paid in excess of the deposit would be refunded, per the cancellation policy below.


        • 6+ weeks from event: If you cancel your event at least 6 weeks before your arrival, a cancellation fee of 25% will be assessed to your account. Any funds you may have paid in excess of  25% will be refunded.
        • 4-6 weeks from event: Cancellation between 4-6 weeks before your arrival will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the total costs. Any funds you may have paid in excess of 50% will be refunded.
        • 3 days – 4 weeks from event: Cancellation between 3-30 days before arrival will result in a cancellation fee of 75% of the total costs. Any funds you may have paid in excess of 75% will be refunded.
        • Within 3 days of event: Cancellation within 3 days of arrival will result in billing for 100% of the total costs. Certain weather conditions provide for exemptions of this policy, per RM’s discretion.

        BAD WEATHER. Certain weather conditions (i.e. thunder, lightning, high winds) may cause unsafe conditions for certain activities. In these cases, the Sponsoring Organization will be given the option to cancel without penalty or to reschedule. Please note the following:

        • Rain, by itself, is not necessarily considered a legitimate cancellation reason, depending which activities are part of the planned event.
        • Weather related cancellation decisions will be made within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival date, with the final determination made by RM

        FINAL SCHEDULE.  The schedule, as listed at the time of booking, is designed for the number of people originally booked.  Once a deposit is paid, the schedule is deemed “Final”.

        ADJUSTING THE FINAL SCHEDULE: Adjustments to the “FINAL SCHEDULE” are subject to availability, will be considered (i.e. adding space for more people, changing from one activity to another, etc) as a request, and accommodated as possible.  If the adjustments amount to a $0 net reduction, no penalties will be enforced, however, adjustments that result in a cost reduction to the event will be handled as “partial cancellations” and subject to the following fees:

        • 6+ weeks before event date, 25% cancellation fee assessed to the value of the cancelled portion.
        • 4-6 weeks before event date, 50% cancellation fee assessed to the value of the cancelled portion.
        • 3 days – 4 weeks before event date, 75% cancellation fee assessed to the value of the cancelled portion.
        • Within 3 days, 100% cancellation fee assessed to the value of the cancelled portion.

        GUEST CONDUCT:  The  Sponsoring  Organization  agrees  to  inform  its  group  of  the  GUIDELINES  of  RM  and  to  take responsibility to ensure that these rules are adhered to. Please make special note of the modest swim suit policy at the pool, if you are planning to swim as part of the event.  Additionally, all guests should be aware that the entire RM campus is ALCOHOL and TOBACCO Free (you may use tobacco products in your vehicle).

        CHAPERONES:   RM  will  provide  the  trained  staff  needed  for  any scheduled  activities,  unless  otherwise  noted  on  the schedule.  It is expected that the Sponsoring Organization will provide chaperones/oversight for the guests.  For groups with guests under age 18, the following adult:child ratio is to be considered.

          • Age | Group | Recommended | Minimum
          • K-3rd | Grade | 1:3 | 1:5
          • 4th – 6th | Grades | 1:8 | 1:10
          • 7th + Grades | 1-2 adults | per activity group

        INSURANCE COVERAGE: RM does not carry primary medical insurance for guests. Any insurance carried by guests and/or the Sponsoring Organization will be considered Primary Coverage.

          • If the event includes activities, RM will provide a specific RELEASE FORM which each guest will need to sign prior to participating in the event.  Guests under age 18 must have the permission of a parent/guardian to participate. RM does carry liability insurance for events that it facilitates.

        STATEMENT OF FAITH: The Sponsoring Organization understands that, while it need not fully ascribe to the Statement of Faith that RM has  ascribed to, in accordance with its membership of Christian Camp and Conference Association, any religious/cultural/social activity conducted by the Sponsoring Organization on the property of RM must not conflict with the aforementioned Statement. A copy of this Statement is included with our Guidelines and is available upon request. Violation of this condition may constitute a breach of agreement by booking with RM, and is at the discretion of RM.

          DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract or breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the BBB® Rules of Binding Arbitration for Disputes Subject to Pre-Dispute Binding Arbitration Clauses, and the judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Disputes alleging criminal or statutory violations are precluded from arbitration proceedings. Decisions reached by the arbitrator(s) will be based on standards of fairness and/or application of the law.


          Cabins & Hotel Rooms

          Cabins & Hotel Rooms

          1.  MINIMUM AGE:  At least one guest, who will be on-site throughout the rental period, must be at least 25 years of age or older.
          2.  CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellations made at least 14 days or more prior to your arrival date will result in a refund of the deposit, less a 10% cancel fee. Cancellations made 3-13 days prior to the arrival date will result in a loss of the deposit (i.e. 50% of the reservation costs).  Cancellation within 3 days of arrival will be billed for the entire reservation.
          3.  PROHIBITED ITEMS:  The following items are prohibited at Refreshing Mountain:  Alcohol, Firearms or other Weapons, Illegal Fireworks, ATVs, Skateboards.
          4.  NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL:  A fine of $100.00 per infraction (i.e. smoking in any lodging unit and/or having alcohol onsite), will be imposed if any evidence is found of having alcohol onsite and/or smoking in any of the buildings.  You may smoke in your vehicle or at the designated smoking area on the property, located in the corner of Parking Lot B, away from all buildings. Please ask RM staff if you need assistance locating this area.  All other areas of the camp are strictly NO SMOKING.  ALCOHOL is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
          5.  NO PETS:  No animals are allowed in any buildings, except for service animals.
          6.  CHECKOUT TIME:  Standard Checkout Time is 10:00AM.  Unless any extended checkout is approved by the office, guests not checked-out by that time will be charged an extra $50.00 per hour of delay. Lodges/Cabins generally CANNOT have an extended checkout time.
          7.  CHECKOUT PROCEDURES:  Guests should reference the “Clean-up / Checkout Procedures” (posted in the lodging units and provided at check-in).  The checkout process includes stripping linens, washing used dishes (in cabins), utensils, etc.  A cleaning fee of up to $75.00 may be assessed for facilities left in an unsatisfactory condition.
          8.  INDEMNITY:  All members of the Guest Party agree to indemnify Refreshing Mountain (hereafter RM) for any damages to the premises which result from their occupancy (including furnishings, and household items) and/or damages found upon departure.  The Guest Party is the one who will be charged for any damages caused to the property.  RM is not responsible for accidents or injury to members of the Guest Party or for loss of money or valuables of any kind.  The Guest Party assumes full responsibility for all damages that they cause, or for any items found to be missing after their group’s visit, including linens and towels, furnishings, games, furniture, etc.  By finalizing this reservation, the Guest Party expressing assumes the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises.
          9.  GUEST CONDUCT:  Guests are expected to follow all posted rules and to respect the other guests on the property.

          QUIET HOURS:  Outdoor evening activities are expected to wrap up by 11PM and move indoors at that time.  Guests should not be wandering around the property between 11PM and 7AM.  Please be courteous to your neighbors and keep the grounds quiet during this time.

          Community Pool

          Community Pool Rules and Regulations

          Community Pool Day Passes, Private Swim Parties, Swim Lessons

          Private Swim Party CANCELLATION POLICY:

          1. In cases of inclement weather that impacts the comfort and/or safety of the pool party (high winds, lighting, heavy downpour). If Refreshing Mountain needs to cancel due to weather, we will give customers the option to reschedule, receive a full refund, or a credit for another time.  Weather related cancelation decisions will be made within 24 hours of the scheduled start time of the pool party.
          2. Cancellations for any other reason are eligible for a full refund or a reschedule, if made  14 days in advance of the scheduled date (less a 4% processing fee). Cancellations within 3 to 14 days of the event, will be charged 50% of the total. No refunds on cancellations within 3 days of the event, except as noted above for weather.

          Community Pool Rules and Regulations:

          1. RESERVATIONS: All sales final. You can self manage your booking through your email confirmation.
          2. CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds. If the pool is closed early due to unforeseen circumstances our staff will be in touch with you.
          3. Anyone entering the pool area, even if they do not intend to swim, must pay the admittance fee.
          4. Posted signs at the entrance, diving area, and slide area must be observed. They are strictly enforced.
          5. Any person may be barred from the pool area for violation of the rules and regulations at the discretion of those in management.
          6. Dress code:
            • Females — must be a modest once piece bathing suit with modest bodice and modest leg cuts (i.e. No high-rise bottoms). ABSOLUTELY NO BIKINI OR MIDRIFF SHOWING.   A dark tee shirt cover up can be used to cover a two-piece suit. Tankinis are permissible if no midriff is exposed.
            • Males — must be boxer style suits. NO TIGHT-FITTING, ABOVE THIGH SHORTS OR UNDERWEAR STYLE SWIMSUITS.  Mesh shorts and shirts are allowed in the pool.
            • Non-swimmers must remain in designated areas.
            • Do not leave pool area wearing only swimming suit. Use a coverup of some sort.
          7. Children, 12 years of age or under, are not permitted in the pool area without an adult (Adult is defined as someone over the age of 18).
          8. Non-swimmers must remain in water where they can stand and under the supervision of an adult. If venturing in water where they can NOT stand, they must be wearing a life vest and within arm’s reach of adult.
          9. Babies MUST be in swimming diapers while in the pool – NO cloth or disposable diapers.
          10. Admission can be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eye infections or certain type of bandages.
          11. Running, pushing, pulling, and rough play not conducive to safety are prohibited in the pool and pool area.
          12. No pets allowed in pool area.
          13. Food and beverages may be brought into the designated areas. Ask life guards for clarity on where these areas are. No glass allowed in pool area. Dispose of all trash in designated receptacles. Please limit time at picnic tables so everyone can use as needed.
          14. FOUL LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!! Personal music allowed with earbuds only.
          15. Pool Chairs and picnic tables are first/come first/served. Please do not leave personal items at a space you are not using.
          16. No smoking allowed on the property of Refreshing Mountain unless in your vehicle.
          17. No chewing gum or hard candy allowed in the pool because they are a chocking hazard.
          18. Do not apply suntan lotion while in the water.

          Refrain from moving furniture around. Talk to Lifeguards if furniture needs to be rearranged and then put back in original location.

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