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5 Free Things To Do Near Refreshing Mountain

When staying at a cabin at Refreshing Mountain, you may want to do some off-site activities that are fun, but that do not bite into your vacation budget. Below is a list of 5 outdoor places our staff recommend as free activities and are close to Refreshing Mountain! Middle Creek Located 7 minutes from Refreshing…

Delicious Recipes with Pumpkin

Autumn has arrived and with it has come crisp fall weather, multi-colored leaves, and all things pumpkin! Pumpkins are a beautiful fall decoration, they make zip lining more fun, and they are very nutritious! Pumpkins contain minerals such as calcium and magnesium and vitamins including vitamin E, C, and B. These vitamins play a role…

Farm Animal Experience at Refreshing Mountain

Looking for an opportunity to see what life is like on a farm? Refreshing Mountain offers guests a guided tour that will take you to each of our animal enclosures. We have horses, goats, sheep, chickens, dogs and other adorable animals that guests may hold, pet, feed and groom. This experience is filled with fun…

A Few Ways Refreshing Mountain is Helping the Environment

Keeping it Green Refreshing Mountain is located in Stevens, Pa on 100 acres of beautiful woodland. We appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and the peace and tranquility that being in nature provides. We believe that it is important to take care of nature by doing what we can to save energy and reuse waste….

The Value of Investing in Overnight Retreats for Youth

The value of investing in youth retreats

Engaging the hearts and minds of your congregation’s youth in new ways and keeping their attention isn’t easy. While an overnight youth retreat can be costly, they make up for it by providing valuable and exciting experiences to young people. One of the most meaningful ministry options your church can invest in is an overnight…