A Christmas Light Winter Wonderland

What 2021 Is Bringing

What We’re Doing For 2021

Thur-Sun, Nov. 26 – Jan 9

Five years ago we decorated a few of our cabins with Christmas Lights. We were reminded that we all need more Light in our lives, so each year we’ve added more lights and more activities as the tradition grew. Last year we were honored to feature local non-profits in our donation based drive thru, and the community gave generously. For 2021, we have 30% more lights! We also have added an observation deck and wildlife center tour, along with a special walk thru experience that we hope will connect you, your family, and the Joy of Christmas.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Lights

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Register Thur-Sun, Nov. 26 – Jan 9

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#LightForAll Drive Thru Light Display

🚗 Drive thru Christmas light displays 🚗

A Warm Cozy Cabin Getaway

Make it a festive filled weekend

  • Living Room of Cabin Rental
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Give the Gift of Memories

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Looking for an Adventure during the day?

We have ziplines, high ropes, escape rooms, and many other activities available in the day time.


No. We encourage everyone to pre-register either in one of the adventure options or in our drive-thru. Those registered will be able to park and get out to experience more lights.

Great question! If you stretched out all of our Christmas light strands from one end to another, it would go on for 12 miles! So now, take those strands and put them on trees and buildings within a half mile stretch. It’s gonna be fun! 😍

The drive thru can be 5-10 min. depending on traffic. However, should you park and get out, grab a warm drink and you could easily spend 45 min- 1hr. enjoying the light displays throughout our property.

Each week we are honored to feature a non-profit organization. Check our non-profit page for who we are featuring for the time frame you are scheduled for.

We do not have any charge to walk around but you must be registered for the drive thru to do so. NOTE: Our walk does not include access to our observation deck and wildlife center. To do so you will need to pay and register in advance for this activity as it will book up quickly.

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