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Employment at refreshing mountain

Interested in seasonal or part-time work at Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center?

Refreshing Mountain is a Christ centered facility. We see business as mission. Working here is more than a job, it is purposeful. We seek like-minded employees with good character, who present themselves well, and are hard working.

Prior to applying, please click here and read through the employee handbook overview which provides a picture of the workplace culture Refreshing Mountain strives to maintain. This is a condensed version of the handbook. You will receive a link to the full version after hire.

If this describes you, check out our job listings and application Apply to Work Here.

Employment at refreshing mountain

Are you looking for a new job for the summer, but don’t know where to start? Are you a parent, who is looking for a fun first job for your teenager, or even for yourself? Look no further! It’s time for us to begin hiring for summer employment at Refreshing Mountain! If you want to do something significant with your time, this is the place to do it.

As someone who is employed by Refreshing Mountain, I can tell you personally that there are a MULTITUDE of benefits when you work here, and it doesn’t just have to do with your paycheck. Take a look below to see why you want to work here, too!

Employee Perspective

Current employees

If you are currently an employee, please login using the login information provided to you.

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