A Guide to Taxes in Pennsylvania for Retreat Groups

November 26, 2019

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As a retreat group coming to Refreshing Mountain, you may be wondering, “What taxes will I need to pay?” To answer that question, below, you will find a description of the taxes that are included in the price, and some that are not included in the price.

PA Hotel Tax and the Lancaster County Hotel and Excise Tax

First, there are two taxes that apply to all retreat groups. These taxes are the PA Hotel Tax and the Lancaster County Hotel and Excise Tax.

The PA Hotel Tax is a 6% tax and the Lancaster County Hotel and Excise Tax is an additional 5% tax. These taxes are charged for renting rooms in Lancaster County, PA and since everyone must pay them, we have automatically included these taxes in your per-person quote.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax

Secondly, the Pennsylvania sales tax is a 6% tax. We have quoted this separately from the per person rate. In order to be exempt from this tax, you must provide Refreshing Mountain with a copy of your Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. (Note: Federal EIN numbers and sales tax certificates from other states (MD, NY, NJ, VA, etc.) are not valid for PA Exemption even if you are a non-profit organization.  The exemption # must be issued by PA to be exempt in PA).

Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

“So, where can I get a Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption Certificate?” you may ask. You can find the application here on the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s website. We recommend that you fill out this form 4-6 weeks before your event at Refreshing Mountain so that you have the ID number issued in time for your event.

We hope this information helps you to be well prepared for your stay at Refreshing Mountain!