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7 Beautiful Places for a Fall Getaway in Central PA


Any time of year is the perfect time to experience Central Pennsylvania, but for many, the beautiful fall season is the best time of year for a getaway – the leaves change colors, autumn crops bear their fruit, and the evenings begin to cool off. The whole family will find plenty to explore, from forests and…

How to Enjoy an Overnight Getaway This Spring


Modern vacations offer quite a bit of distraction – too much, it seems these days. If you take a vacation to the beach, you’ll end up on the boardwalk surrounded by the sights and (ew!) smells of a crowded beach; during the day there will be people everywhere, littering the beach with their towels, umbrellas,…

Things To Do With Your Pre-Teen


Parents of preteens often struggle to find common ground with their youngsters. Though you might not have that much in common with your preteen, there are plenty of experiences and activities you can share with one another. These shared experiences will prove especially important if your kids have entered the phase in which they are…

Creating Memories and Family Bonding Experiences

Creating Memories and Family Bonding Experiences Banner

If you are on the lookout for family bonding opportunities that create lasting memories, look no further than Lancaster’s Refreshing Mountain.  It’s the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones and experience new and exciting moments that deepen your familial bonds. Even extremely tight-knit families will find value in a Refreshing Mountain…

Fun and Creative Family Bonding Ideas

Fun and Creative Ways to bond as a family

If you are the parents of a little one or an adolescent, you are probably looking for some new things to do as a family. The time you spend with your kids makes a massive impact on their development as well as their family pride. This is your chance to spend quality time with your…

Activity Ideas For Families With Teens

Activities For Families With Teens

The teen years can be somewhat tumultuous. Youngsters are going through puberty, being challenged in school, and trying to find a group of friends that they fit in with. Parents can feel a bit powerless during this delicate period if their teenagers tend to distance themselves from authority figures. We would like to share some…

Outdoor Family Activities At Refreshing Mountain

Outdoor Activities for family

South Central Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of family activities, especially in and around the Lancaster area. Few local attractions offer the adventure and variety of outdoor activities that are available at Refreshing Mountain. Here are just a few of our summer favorites: The Community Pool   Our near Olympic-sized pool is a water playground…

Conversation Starters For Families

Conversation Starters for Families

Family time is so important these days. It seems hard to come by though. With all of the technology readily available, your children might find themselves off in their own world, playing games on a tablet, texting friends or sitting in front of a television. While you set your own rules for using this technology,…

How To Engage With Your Teen Or Tween

How To Engage WIth Your Teen or Tween

Every generation of parents struggle to connect with teens and “tweens”. This is a time when children they start drifting away from family activities to spend more time with their friends. They want to experiment with the limits of their newfound freedoms. Finding common ground or a way to get more than just 1-2 word…