From Amusement Parks to Escape Rooms: Kid-friendly Things to Do in Lancaster, PA

Kid enjoying a pedal cart ride, one of the fun 5 pack activities.

Lancaster County, located in Southern Pennsylvania, is well known for the tourist attractions the county has to offer. Whether it’s ziplining or touring the Amish communities, there are a lot of family and kid-friendly options for you to enjoy. See the list below of some of Refreshing Mountain’s top recommendations for events and tourist sites…

How to Plan an Unforgettable Birthday Party in Lancaster, PA

Kids playing together in a ball court while celebrating a birthday at Refreshing Mountain, a kids birthday party venue in Lancaster County, PA.

Refreshing Mountain, located in northern Lancaster, has a variety of family-friendly activities and adventures available throughout the whole year—spring, summer, fall, and even winter! Refreshing Mountain has something to offer, from ziplines to escape rooms for each person looking for fun things to do with kids in Lancaster, making this a great place to host…

Ultimate Guide to Escape Rooms: Mapping Out Your Escape Room Visit in Lancaster, PA

Planning your escape room visit

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to visit an escape room in Lancaster, PA. Your team may include friends and family, a youth group, or a work team. No matter the reason, the goal of an escape room is to solve puzzles and escape the room within a time limit, usually 60 minutes. Is your…

How to Keep Your Group from Losing Focus in an Escape Room


Maintaining Focus in an escape room for groups of any size can be challenging. What happens to groups when they get stuck solving a puzzle in an escape room? They problem-solve, use critical thinking, and talk with each other! An escape room requires that your team—whether it’s a youth group or a work team-building activity,…

3 Birthday Party Ideas in Lancaster, PA

Farm Animal Experience_Horse_Children_Summer_Hannah

It’s somebody’s birthday every day, and if it’s your day today—congrats! Refreshing Mountain is a great place to host your birthday, especially for the outdoor lovers. Here are some great activities to look at for your birthday celebration. For the Wildlife Enthusiasts… If you love animals, then the best activities I would recommend include the…

My First Escape Room Experience – Refreshing Mountain’s “Funding the Dream” Room


If you have ever wanted to have an adventure, but couldn’t find the right option for your group or even yourself, then you need to look into a live actor escape room. New and exciting challenges are around every corner. The challenges are ahead of you, and you have no choice but to solve the…

4 Activities that Promote Teambuilding for the Family

family getaways and activites

Teamwork is essential for sports, school projects, business projects, and for most real-life situations we find ourselves in. This includes family. As important as it is to be together as a family—what’s matters more is being able to work together in unity with your parents, kids, or siblings. If you have a family dynamic like…