The Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for the Adventurous People in Your Life

It’s that time of year again! Buying Christmas gifts is a great way to express your friendship and love for one another, but sometimes it can be difficult choosing the right gifts, especially for those who love a good adventure in the great outdoors. There are many ways this can go, but here are recommendations from people who venture on the wild side.


Winter Gear

Whether it’s a jacket or a thermal shirt—or, as per my personal preference, a thick flannel—we are always outside, many times regardless of the weather. For those people prone to venturing out in colder weather or snowy precipitation, having the right gear is a necessity. There are plenty of great brands out there for the best clothes, and you can even look at our gift shops (found in Café 319 or the Activities’ Pavilion) to look at our sweatpants and hoodie collection! Flannels and winter vests are both great for that in-between weather in Pennsylvania also.


This is a great item to have, especially while ziplining (just make sure it’s in an OK place that our activities’ staff approve of). Keep the memories with you for any adventure without having to bring your phone with you onto the zipline tour or the other excursions you have planned.

Zipline Packages

Give the gift of adventure by booking a zipline reservation with us. For animal lovers, you can also book the Wildlife Experience to look at some awesome reptiles and birds of prey. If you’re not sure on a date that works out, you can also purchase a gift card! Right now, we have a special sale on gift cards for Christmas. 

Tent or Hammock

Especially for those who love to camp or go off-road for a couple of days, tents and hammocks are a great option. They are easy (ish) to set up and tear down, and they last for a long time. I personally love relaxing in my hammock, and it’s something that I use year-round (yes, even in the snow, but that may just be me :D).

Water Bottle (and Stickers!)

I have a collection of water bottles, and I take at least one with me everywhere I go. These are great, especially any you can find that are leak-free and keep cold water cold and hot water hot. A thermos also works well for those who love coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Also purchase some stickers to go along with the thermos or bottle. You can find a great collection of stickers online and in store. Refreshing Mountain also has stickers you can purchase at the gift shops.

For any gift that you give, the most important thing is that you give it out of love. The best gifts are the ones that bring people closer together. Didn’t see a gift that quite suites the person your giving a gift to? Check out Discover Lancaster’s post for more ideas!