8 Keys to Planning a Refreshing Retreat for Adults

Adults doing activities at a group retreat

One of the most powerful appeals of the “Retreat Concept” is the concept of refreshment.  We live our lives full of demands, things-to-do, and deadlines, so the opportunity to disengage from all the demands for a short time can have a significant impact on our emotional health.  It gives us the opportunity to catch our…

Tips to Help You Manage a Retreat


If you are planning a retreat, part of your responsibility is to manage the event so it reaps the intended results. Don’t shy away from this task. Managing a retreat is actually quite an enjoyable experience. Channel your efforts in the proper manner and you will oversee a successful retreat that makes a lasting impression. Key…

Refreshing Mountain Staff Bio for Suzanne Harnish


I began working in the kitchen with my parents Marlin and Sharon (owners) when they were still doing all of the cooking here. Working in the kitchen is my earliest memory… because that was where we did everything. Being a part of a family-owned business, Mom and Dad had plenty of chores for us kids…

Refreshing Mountain Guide to Streamlined Retreat Planning

Guide to Streamlined Retreats

Retreat planning takes organization to ensure the event fills up and runs smoothly. From identifying a location, activities, and meal planning, as the “event planner” you have a lot of decisions to make. Refreshing Mountain aims to make the entire retreat planning process easier for you! Our years of experience from hosting successful group retreats…