Retreat Schedule Ideas & Examples

April 11, 2018
When it comes to planning a retreat, whether it is a youth event, a family reunion, school outing, or just a group of friends, it’s always good to have a plan. We all know that schedules are *subject to change*, but we also know that having no schedule can lead to frustration and can rob some value of your event.

Create a Retreat Schedule to Stay on Track

Creating a retreat schedule can be difficult for some people while being a breeze for others, so the best course of action is to delegate. Find someone who likes details, and then feed them as much information as you can. You will still need to make decisions on how to manage the retreat and help them along the way, but the more information you can give them, the better they will be able to help your event.
Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself as you’re writing out your schedule:
  1. What time are we allowed to be on site, and what time do we need to be off-site?
  2. When are our assigned meal times?
  3. What activities are available at the retreat center and what times are those activities available?
  4. How many sessions/talks/meetings do we need to fit in?
  5. How much free time do we want to give?
  6. What do our evenings look like? Do we want to do ziplining, a campfire, or have some snacks, or do a private pool party, etc.? What options does the retreat center have for the evenings?  
  7. Does our schedule correlate with the retreat center’s schedule?
Also, if your event involves children/youth, it is always good to provide parents with a copy of your schedule. They like to know what fun activities their children will be doing, as well as what they are being taught so that they can have a positive discussion about it at home.

Sample Retreat Schedule

Here is a sample copy of a schedule that you are welcome to use. Feel free to edit this and make it your own!

FRIDAY, March 2nd

7:00 PM   Whole group arrives at RM & unpacks.

7:30 PM   Meetup – Bring Bible/Notebook  (Meeting Room)

7:40 PM   Large Group Gym Game (Reserved till 8:30)

8:15  PM   SESSION 1 (Meeting Room)
                     Name Game

8:30 PM   Worship
                     Small Group Breakout Discussion
                     Team Reveals
                     Team Game

10:00 PM   Campfire/Smores (weather permitting) has to be done by 11 PM.

11:15 PM   Leader Meeting

11:30 PM   Cabin/Showers

11:50 PM   Cabin Time

12:45 AM   Lights Out: Quiet Hours are from 11 PM to 7 AM and all activities must be moved indoors by that time. By midnight, everyone needs to be in their lodging area for the night.

SATURDAY, March 3rd

7:30 AM   Breakfast (Dressed for zipline)

8:15 AM   SESSION 2 (AM Devotions) – Bring Bible/Notebook (Meeting Room)
                    Quick Team Point Game (Noodle Game?)
                    Worship/Quick Message & Devotions

9:00 AM   ZipLine Adventure Course

11:00 AM   Free Time

11:45 AM   Lunch

12:30 PM   Group Picture by Gaga pit (play Gaga)

1:00 PM   Gym (Tournament Games for Team Points?)

3:00 PM   Pedal Carts (20 ppl) and Archery (16 ppl)

4:00 PM   Free Time/Camp Store, Cabin, Game in Meeting Room

5:00 PM   Dinner

6:00 PM   SESSION 3 – Bring Bible/Notebook (Meeting Room)
                     Human Tic Tac Toe, Message, and Small Group Breakout.

9:00 PM   Snack provided by Refreshing Mountain (Cookies and Milk)

10:00 PM   Free Time
Options – Outdoor Bball, Gaga, Meeting Room Game or movie, Gym (10-11)

11:30 PM   Cabin/Showers/Begin packing process!

12:45 AM   Lights Out: Quiet Hours are from 11 PM to 7 MA and all activities must be moved indoors by that time. By midnight, everyone needs to be in their Lodging area for the night.

SUNDAY, March 4th

8:00 AM   Cabin Cleanup: Checkout of lodging areas and move luggage to cars, or bus, (or to a pavilion if arriving later for pickup).

9:00 AM   Breakfast

9:45 AM   SESSION 4 – Bring Bible/Notebook (Meeting Room)
                    4 Person Mixer:______________
                    Worship Moment/Personal Reflection
                    Small Group Breakout & Snacks

10:45 AM   Begin Cleanup and packing meeting room

11:15 AM   Departure

Plan your retreat

Having a schedule is a great tool to help create a seamless event. If you are planning your next retreat, Refreshing Mountain Adventure Center might be the perfect place for you and your group and be sure to use your schedule to it’s fullest potential! Contact us today for information on hosting your event.