Nothing says adventure like soaring through the sky at one of Lancaster, Pa’s most exciting outdoor activities. Refreshing Mountain’s three zipline courses provide all you need to have an adventure and enjoy a new experience with friends, family, or other groups. These excursions are easy to book and fun for everyone, from first-timers to seasoned zipliners.

Choose the size of your group

Small Group (1-19 People)

Your small group can choose from five great zipline courses that offer breathtaking views, unique canopy paths, and varying speeds.  

We accommodate small groups looking to adventure together, cultivate team dynamics through trust, and enjoy the great outdoors. From family outings and friend get-togethers to date night for you and your loved one, Refreshing Mountain offers all participants fun and excitement different from what you may experience at other typical small-group activities. 

For groups of 9-19, If you’re bringing a group of friends, family, or even a small youth group or team outing these are three great options.

Large Group (20+ People)

Your large group has five excellent options to choose from that offer breathtaking views, unique canopy paths, and varying speeds. 

We frequently work with large groups such as youth groups, field trips, and businesses wanting fun and exciting ways to explore team-building skills and bring together all participants. Refreshing Mountain offers all participants fun and excitement different from what you may experience at other typical large-group activities. 

Whether you’re a beginner trying ziplines for the first time or a seasoned zipper, our qualified and friendly instructors will help every member of your group have a fun and memorable zipline course experience.

Nicki H.
Nicki H.
We had a fantastic time! Scott the zip lining instructor is AMAZING! He's super personable, encouraging and patient. When our nerves kicked in on the 800...


What is a zipline Canopy Tour?

A Zip Line Canopy Tour is a series of cables and platforms that take you on an exhilarating tour through forests and wildlife. Canopy Tours were originally created to study different plant life and trees. Now it has become much more about the exciting “ziplining” experience. However, we still try and show the forest and wildlife from a perspective you’ll never forget!

Is ziplining safe?

Your safety is our top priority. Each zipline tour is facilitated by at least two tour guides who have been through extensive training. They will take care of every safety-related detail on the course, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the rides. Our courses are registered with the PA Department of Agriculture Rides and Measurements Bureau, and they meet/exceed the design standards of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology). One of our guides does a daily “run-through inspection,” a state-certified inspector does a monthly inspection, and once a year, a certified third-party inspector does an inspection. All of our courses use a brake design system that the industry recognizes as the safest approach to braking. Each line is “dialed in” to allow gravity to work as a natural brake. Each line also has a “backup” brake mechanism controlled by our staff, so the participant does not need to worry about slowing themselves down. We use a patented braking/retrieval system called a ZIPKea on each zip line.

Should we tip the tour guides?

There is no tipping expected. There will be at least two guides with your group for the duration of the event, and you can expect that they will be highly professional and safety conscious. They will take good care of your group through the experience, whether you tip them or not!

What physical condition should I be in to participate?

Participants do need to be reasonably fit to participate by the nature of the event. Please see the Activities Release and Waiver Form for more details on this. Still, in general, participants should be able to carry 20-30 lbs of weight without difficulty, climb a flight of stairs, stand without assistance, walk over uneven terrain up and down a moderate slope. See the question below on age, weight, and height restrictions for more detail.

What are the age, weight, and height restrictions for the activities?
  • All activities have a maximum weight of 280 pounds.
  • For most of the “high adventure” activities, individual riders must be at least five years old. 
  • An adult MUST accompany children under 13 for the Challenge and Aerial Excursion. For other activities, an adult need only be present. Please see the AGE RATIO GRID for specifics.
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