Refreshing Mountain Bio for Josiah Maier


Who are you, and what’s your role at Refreshing Mountain? My name is Josiah Maier, and I work as an activities administrator here at Refreshing Mountain. I started working here part-time in 2015 as a guide and came on full-time in September of 2021. My day-to-day activities range from guiding zipline tours, assisting with equipment/course…

Refreshing Mountain Bio for Nick Cage


My name is Nicholas Cage (no, that is not a typo) and I am an activities administrator at Refreshing Mountain. I have been working at Refreshing Mountain since May of 2016, and in September 2021 I came on as full-time. The easiest way to describe what I do is the assistant to the other administrators…

Refreshing Mountain Bio for Andrea Cage


My name is Andrea Cage, and I’m the assistant Activities Manager. I started at Refreshing Mountain as a guide in May of 2016 and transitioned into the roll of an admin in February of 2019. Aside from my administrative roll I am the training coordinator, scheduling and staff coordinator, and on occasion I lead a…

Refreshing Mountain Bio for Tim Witmer


Who are you, and what’s your role at Refreshing Mountain? My name is Tim Witmer, and I am an Activities Administrator at Refreshing Mountain. I have been working here for about 6 years, starting out as a Guide. It has only been within this past year that I started full time. My main responsibilities range…

5 Tips for Planning a Family Retreat at Refreshing Mountain

family retreat cabin rentals

If you’re the one who has been designated as the official organizer of your family’s annual reunion this year, consider planning a truly memorable family retreat, nontraditional, and quite different from your previous retreats where you held a picnic at the park or secured some rental space at your local community center. Plan a love-and-laughter-filled family…

10 Best Family Fall Activities in Lancaster PA

Fall_Zipline_Family_High Ropes

Fall activities in Lancaster County cover a wide range of things to do and unique experiences. Whether you stay for several days or visit for a day, spend the Autumn season immersing your family in everything the Lancaster area has to offer. Top 10 Fall Activities in Lancaster, PA Here are 10 fall things to do…

Unique & Easy Campfire Snack Ideas for Your Next Family Getaway

Two girls roasting hotdogs on sticks at bonfire. Children having fun at camp fire.

Many families at Refreshing Mountain enjoy the summertime by relaxing, swimming, and of course, having campfires. Campfires are a perfect evening addition to any retreat at Refreshing Mountain! They combine all aspects of summer by spending time outside, socializing, and enjoying good food. Traditional campfire snacks, such as s’mores and hotdogs, are a very popular…

7 Beautiful Places for a Fall Getaway in Central PA

Camping Tent Sites at Refreshing Mountain are an example of fun fall things to do | Refreshing Mountain

Any time of year is the perfect time to experience Central Pennsylvania, but for many, the beautiful fall season is the best time of year for a getaway – the leaves change colors, autumn crops bear their fruit, and the evenings begin to cool off. The whole family will find plenty to explore, from forests and…

Family Game Ideas for Your Next Cabin Retreat

4 types of Family Cabin Games Blog Banner

Every family needs to get away sometimes to reconnect. Cabin rentals in PA at Refreshing Mountain provide a perfect retreat, with plenty to explore in the surrounding area, along with an on-site swimming pool, hiking, zip-lining, and more. With no TV, you may be exploring extra ideas to occupy your family time. When you’re done…