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You now have a tool box of activities to utilize in the workplace.  We hope these resources are an engaging and productive way to build relationships and improve productivity.  

You can access all the previous sessions below. We encourage you to continue to work with your team and find ways that make you more productive.

The Refreshing Mountain team building program is designed for organizations and teams that want to build closer relationships.

We believe that by helping people connect and better understand one another, your team will experience improvement in all aspects of happiness, health, and productivity.

If you’d like to inquire about how our program can help your team, we welcome you to reach out to Brooke and our team.

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Creative Thinking

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Getting To Know You

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Fun For The Team

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Building Vs Bonding Worksheet

Free resource to help you discern if your team is ready for team building or just in need of a little bonding.

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