25+ Great Themes for a Great Retreat

June 2, 2021

A thoughtful and well-developed retreat theme can be a great inspiration in helping people connect to what they have learned at your retreat. This connection strengthens the effect of the retreat and can create long-term spiritual growth and continued practice.

Whether you are planning a spiritual Men’s Retreat, Women’s Retreat, or Youth Retreat with your church, a Family Retreat, or even a Corporate Retreat, a great retreat theme will get you off to a great start!

The possibilities are endless, but below is a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. These retreat topics will work for a summer retreat, winter retreat, and more!

Retreat Theme Ideas

There are many different themes to base your retreat on, such as:

Women Praying At Retreat In Lancaster Pa

  • Specific Bible verses
  • Specific worship song
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • A specific culture or people group
  • Gifts of the Spirit/Spiritual Gifts
  • Personality tests
  • Having time for silence
  • Communication
  • Friendships
  • Self Esteem
  • Making Choices
  • Attribute of God
  • Bible character
  • The lives of those in your group – have individuals share their testimony

Catchy Retreat Theme Names & Titles:

Overhead Image Of Christian Retreat Room At Refreshing Mountain With Lights

  • Fan the Flame
  • Solid as a Rock
  • Living Life to the Fullest
  • Getting & Keeping your Joy
  • Reality Check
  • Attitude of Grace
  • Anchor in Time
  • Gracious Heart
  • LOL (Live Out Loud)
  • What Next?
  • Spiritual Journey
  • Identity Confusion
  • Dealing with Burnout
  • MAD (Making a Difference)
  • Moving from Fear to Freedom

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Need Help Getting Started Planning a Retreat?

Refreshing Mountain is a Christian retreat center in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and we hope these retreat resources get you off to a good start! Whether you’re a youth leader, pastor, small group leader, Sunday School teacher, or are simply organizing a retreat, we’d love to help you plan your retreat. We are able to provide comfortable lodging for groups of 30 to 240 people, delicious buffet-style meals from our dining hall, various meeting rooms and spaces, a wide range of recreation facilities, outdoor large group activities, and much more!  Learn more about our retreats in PA or get in touch with us!

We’d also love to hear your ideas for a theme or catchy titles that you used to add to this list! Email your ideas to us or give us a call at (888) 353-1490.