How To Get The Most Out of Your Escape Room Visit

Phil True
July 18, 2022

Props Used In Our Escape Rooms In Lancaster Pa - A Hat, A Mug And A Key

If you’ve ever wanted tips on how to make the most of your next escape room game, or if you’re thinking about joining an escape room for the first time, then this post is for you.

Escape rooms are a 60-minute, immersive experience that offers real-life adventure in fun and challenging ways. The ultimate goal? To escape the room, of course! But beyond that task at hand, participants can learn a lot in escape room settings. 

From problem-solving and critical thinking to team building and collaboration, an interactive experience like escape rooms require the entire group to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes and work together to beat the clock. Whether you’ve participated in an escape room experience before or are considering going to one for the first time, our list of ways to get the most out of your escape room visit is sure to be helpful for your next adventure. 

Get everyone involved early

It’s essential to utilize every person in your group throughout the entire escape room duration. The earlier you get everyone involved, the better. Each riddle and clue in your escape room requires different thinking – some perfect for people who love numbers, others great for the tactile individuals in your group. Everyone can be an asset to the team if you allow each person’s voice to be heard. 

Listen closely to the story

Listening to the story and background information from your game master at the beginning of the activity can be extremely helpful later on. Make a mental note of any important people, dates, numbers, and other items that could get used for codes, locks, and other things. If something sounds suspicious, that’s because it probably is. Once you have your first escape room experience, you’ll understand how everything connects more, but remember that even the most minor details can be vital for your first go-around. 

Understand the rules of the room

There are some rules to keep in mind during your escape room activity. Your game master will cover these with you before starting the timer, but some rules include:

  • Don’t ignore your game master.
  • Don’t interact with items that say “Do Not Touch.”
  • Don’t be destructive.
  • Don’t use your phone.
  • Don’t open the room until you solve the final clue. 

Identify objectives

Communication is crucial for escape room success, so identify all objects and keep your team members in the loop on what you find. Objects might include keys, books, levers, touch pads, small objects, and more. Take inventory of the things you find, and keep them in mind for later clues down the line. Chances are, you’ll need each one for something!

Get The Most Out Of Your Escape Room Experience By Immersing Yourself In The Clues

Plan your time appropriately

Each escape room has a time limit, so use your time wisely. Sixty minutes can go fast if you’re not cautious with how you use it. If you get stuck on one clue, try moving on to something else. Don’t get too hung up on any one item; ask the group for input if you need to solve something to move forward with other clues. Escape rooms are designed to be a challenge against the clock, so don’t underestimate how much time you have to win the game and escape. 

If you see something, say something

No input is bad input in an escape room. If you find something, be sure to say it! Share everything with the group, because you never know what someone else saw without sharing it. Communication will help your group to succeed. 

Ask for Hints

If you get stuck on a clue, ask for a hint from your game master. First-time escape room goers might not know tips for escape rooms are available, but during your entire escape room duration, you’ll be able to speak with your game master and ask questions when needed. You can ask for a hint directly or question if you’re on the right track. Either way, the game master is there to help you. 

Hold a debrief 

What went well? What clues did you miss? After it’s all said and done, debrief with your team to talk about how it all went. Once you complete one escape room, you’ll better understand how they work and find strategies that work for you. Talking about the experience may also bring up new information you weren’t aware of during the game. 

Have fun

Above all else, have a fun time with the game and show off your team spirit! Groups that have the most fun together truly are the winners in our eyes. Escape rooms are all about the experience and making memories with those around you. So whether you escape the room or not, have fun with your group and enjoy the experience together. 

Plan your escape room activity today! 

Are you ready to have fun and plan an escape room visit for yourself? Join the game masters at Refreshing Mountain today and see if you can beat the clock at one of the best escape rooms in Lancaster, PA!