My First Escape Room Experience – Refreshing Mountain’s “Funding the Dream” Room

September 13, 2022

Man In Escape Room Opening A Safe

If you have ever wanted to have an adventure, but couldn’t find the right option for your group or even yourself, then you need to look into a live actor escape room. New and exciting challenges are around every corner. The challenges are ahead of you, and you have no choice but to solve the puzzles with your team. Can you beat the clock? Read one of our visitor’s first escape room experiences below.

My First Escape Room Experience

My first time doing an Escape Room was at Refreshing Mountain! I didn’t know what to expect going into it because I had never done an escape room before. I thought it would be one of those experiences where the leaders take charge, and no one else has anything to do. However, it was very interactive, and everyone had a part to play.

The Escape Room is set at a patent office in the 1950s and the theme is “Funding the Dream.” The goal is to choose your invention, get it patented, and then get the funding to bring your dream to reality. There were two main things that I liked about the experience. The first is that there was a live actor, and the second is that it’s a private booking, meaning I did the escape room only with people I knew.

Live Actor Escape Room with an Immersive Experience

I liked the fact that there was a live actor in the room while we were doing the escape room because it added to the experience. The live actor was a Refreshing Mountain employee who acted like they were just a part of the setup by playing the role of a worker who matched the escape room theme.

He also gave hints when necessary, let us know how much time we had left, and debriefed with us at the end of our time. The debrief helped us to see areas where we could have done things differently or worked better together. Overall, the live actor made the experience more engaging.

Private Escape Room Booking

I also was glad that the experience was with only people that I knew and not strangers. I did the escape room with my coworkers. This was a good teambuilding experience because it helped us work together to meet a common goal and have fun! We learned some of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as our own.

We could also see how each person worked in a time crunch (the countdown until our hour was up). I think it was good that our group could learn this with people who know each other and not strangers because we can put what we learned into practice as we continue to work together in different settings.

What to Expect at Refreshing Mountain’s “Funding the Dream” Escape Room

It’s about a 1 hour 30 min time on site overall. You will arrive about 15 minutes early to check in and the intro and experience to the room lasts a little over an hour. A few things to note are that you do not need to bring anything special to the Escape Room. All you need to “Fund your Dream” is in the Escape Room; therefore, if someone brought something like a pocketknife or pocket tool with them, they would be asked to leave that outside the room before starting.

The Escape Room at Refreshing Mountain was a good experience that I would recommend to families, youth groups, office teams, etc. It helps to strengthen bonds within a group of people that already know each other while having fun working to meet a common goal. Any group of people who want to have a unique, fun experience should give the Escape Room at Refreshing Mountain a try!

Want More Escape Room Experiences

Did you know there are a number of Escape Rooms in Central PA? The Escape Rooms at Refreshing Mountain offer something different, a chance to work with friends, family, or coworkers in an exciting new way. The themes and designs of these live actor escape rooms are original and creative, with puzzles ranging in difficulty level but suitable for all ages. With multiple themed escape rooms to choose from, the challenges will never get old, and the mystery is always new.

Our escape rooms provide entertainment and team building for groups of all sizes. Our rooms are entirely themed, designed, and built by the staff at Refreshing Mountain, creating an immersive experience for you and your group! Check out the Circle T Ranch, Funding the dream, and our outdoor escape room, Refreshing The Zoo, today!

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