Top 6 Tips for Planning a Retreat

May 5, 2022

Are you planning a retreat, but don’t know where to start? Here are some great tips from our staff to set your retreat planning up for success!

1. Know who you’re bringing

Is it a youth retreat? A women’s retreat? It’s important to know your audience—who you are setting the retreat up for. If you know these people personally, that’s even better!

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2. Ask us questions and communicate as necessary

We are happy to help and assist with any questions you may have about your retreat. That’s what our staff members are here for! We have been working with groups since 1983, so we know a thing or two about planning retreats. And chances are that we have heard the questions you have before, so we can answer for you in how it would best suit you.

3. Pick a retreat theme

This will help you plan your retreat better if you know the goal of having this retreat. What is the message you want to share with your group? When you know this, we as the staff can help to implement the themes into your activities, especially when it comes to teambuilding activities. This also helps you know what speaker to bring in to talk to your group, and any activities you personally plan to do during your stay.

4. Read Our Ultimate Guide to Set up a Retreat

This is your best go-to when planning your retreat. Essentially, the guide helps you on your end to properly plan out everything for your retreat, and making sure you have everything you need by way of checklist.

5. Look through our Retreat Planning Kit found on our website 

This is your second go-to when planning a retreat. The resources found here include pricing for activities, guidelines, menu requests, lodging information, and another checklist to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

6. Pick activities to have during your retreat

We host many activities ranging from archery to ziplines, so choose some activities your group may enjoy, as well as choosing some activities that may challenge your group. I personally recommend booking the Challenge Adventure Tour (it’s a zipline tour with five ziplines and nine challenge obstacles) or the giant swing (which is exactly what it sounds like).

Our main goal is to help you to have the best retreat you can while you are with us. Like I said, any questions you have about anything (having to do with your retreat, although if you ask us our favorite food we won’t complain if you bring us some when you arrive :D) let us know. We are happy to assist!

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