4 Activities that Promote Teambuilding for the Family

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Teamwork is essential for sports, school projects, business projects, and for most real-life situations we find ourselves in. This includes family. As important as it is to be together as a family—what’s matters more is being able to work together in unity with your parents, kids, or siblings. If you have a family dynamic like…

5 Adventurous Activities to Include in Your Retreat

Zipline Facts

How can you bring adventure to your retreat this year? At Refreshing Mountain, we love to answer  the call of the wild with many of our activities found at Refreshing Mountain. Whether you are here just for the day with your group, or you are here for a weekend, we have some great activities in…

Refreshing Mountain Bio for Tim Witmer


Who are you, and what’s your role at Refreshing Mountain? My name is Tim Witmer, and I am an Activities Administrator at Refreshing Mountain. I have been working here for about 6 years, starting out as a Guide. It has only been within this past year that I started full time. My main responsibilities range…