Blog Contest Entry


Family Fun in Lancaster, PA-and Overcoming Fear with an Adventure Lisa Mita submitted an entry for our Blog Contest.   If you want to  enter our largest prize contest ever, go to Summer Blog Contest. Below is her blog which can also be found at Lisa Mita Blog. I had a post a few weeks…

I want to do something fun!


Planning a Family Day Outing “I want to do something fun!”– Seems like such a simple statement, right? As a parent it can send a wave of panic down your spine trying to come up with something to meet the expectation! A family day out provides lasting memories but the trick is finding something that…

New Year’s Resolutions


Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something.  With that in mind, maybe the better question is how do you resolute to fulfill your resolution?  Many of us make resolutions like to eat better, exercise more, or watch less tv—things that are outwardly visible.  On…

Merry Christmas from Refreshing Mountain


It is always a challenge this time of year to keep perspective on the real meaning of Christmas. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one and spending time with family and friends are wonderful things but even those aren’t the real meaning. Jesus’ coming to the earth in mortal form is too hard for…

Give the Gift of an Experience


We hear a lot about quality time and being intentional about making memories with friends and family. In our fast paced society this is so important to keep in mind or we get so caught up in life that we forget to live. Two of our goals for Zip Liners is that they leave 1)…

Zipping in from all over the USA


I recently spent a day in New York City.  The next I came back to Refreshing Mountain.  What a contrast!!  Living here in Lancaster County can be its own sort of bubble and you forget what its like to drive for more than a few miles without seeing farmland, trees, and open areas.  This time…

Overcoming Life’s Obstacles


A story submitted by one of our awesome Zip Line patrons, Cathy Murphy “It’s been almost a year since I was first introduced to Refreshing Mountain Canopy Tours. That was a day that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. It was a pivotal day for me in many ways. You see, within the previous year…

Rainy Days


“I’m zipping in the rain, zipping In the rain; what a gloooorious feeling, I’m happy again! ” Rainy days are usually not anybody’s favorites, rain ruins plans, inconveniences people and the lack of sun often creates a gloomy mood. Rainy days are certainly no small opponent here at Refreshing Mountain either. **Take in mind, all…

Convenience, Accomodations and Fun!


As an instructor at Refreshing Mountain, I always like to give the patrons a unique experience each time they come. That’s our desire here at RMC; we love new things, and we love to accommodate you whether you’re a returning guest or a new adventurer. When things are constantly changing it keeps me excited for work and…