Zipping in from all over the USA


I recently spent a day in New York City.  The next I came back to Refreshing Mountain.  What a contrast!!  Living here in Lancaster County can be its own sort of bubble and you forget what its like to drive for more than a few miles without seeing farmland, trees, and open areas.  This time…

Busy Busy Busy


Paul warns the Thessalonians about idleness in II Thessalonians 3.  Working at Refreshing Mountain helps us not fall into that trap!   Why is that?  We had 10,157 people go through the two Zip Line courses just the beginning of March.  The new Aerial Tour opened at that time and has seen 4,404 Zip Liners!!!  The…

Excellent Reviews are Zipping In


I recently read a speech given by Bill Watterson to the graduating class at his alma mater back in 1990.  It was chock full of great quotes as you would expected a speech by the creator of Calvin & Hobbes to be.  The quote that stuck out to me most was “Creating a life that…

Well known yet not so known: The Hidden Gems


How often do we travel far away to find something spectacular, when the hidden gems of our hometown consist of great adventure? This is a question that should cause some exploration and wonder. What are we missing that could be right in our back yard? We’ve noticed this reality at Refreshing Mountain without a doubt….