Busy Busy Busy

Phil True
October 17, 2013

Paul warns the Thessalonians about idleness in II Thessalonians 3.  Working at Refreshing Mountain helps us not fall into that trap!   Why is that?  We had 10,157 people go through the two Zip Line courses just the beginning of March.  The new Aerial Tour opened at that time and has seen 4,404 Zip Liners!!!  The Challenge Adventure Tour saw 5,753 people fly along its cables in that same time period.  We are a very popular place to be!  J

While it has been busy, it has also been a lot of fun and very rewarding!  The guides have had the privilege to lead people of all ages, ethnic groups, and races as they overcome fears, challenge themselves in new ways, or simply enjoy the outdoors as they zip along.

To help people understand the uniqueness of each course, we have recently posted a video of the newer Aerial Excursion Course.  Check it out!  Maybe you’ll recognize one of the guides you’ve had.


Fall at Refreshing Mountain is just beautiful!!!!  It is a gorgeous time to schedule a tour with the leaves changing and a nip in the air.  If you can come during the week, not only is it easier to schedule a tour, but we are offering a discount you won’t want to miss.   If you schedule a tour Monday-Thursday thru the end of the 2013 you will receive 25% off if you mention or enter the code MIDWEEK.  This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.