Excellent Reviews are Zipping In

Phil True
September 14, 2013

I recently read a speech given by Bill Watterson to the graduating class at his alma mater back in 1990.  It was chock full of great quotes as you would expected a speech by the creator of Calvin & Hobbes to be.  The quote that stuck out to me most was “Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement.” 

It is safe to say that those of us working here at Refreshing Mountain have chosen to be here because our work can reflect our values.   We enjoy the interaction with the guests coming through our camp whether it be for a week end or an afternoon of zip lining.

We love hearing from our guests about their experiences.  It is so rewarding when someone finishes either of the Canopy Tours and then tells the guides, or stops back into the office just to report back on how their experience was.  What is also exciting to us is when those guests get home and take the time to like us on facebook or write a review for TripAdvisor.  This summer we hit over 125 reviews on TripAdvisor!  Of those, 115 ratings were in the “Excellent” category!  We feel very blessed and pleased to read these reviews.  If you want to check out the reviews for yourself, or better yet, add your own, click here:

Some highlights from August reviews:

“I was hesitant…but my wife was really the one who pushed me into it. It was our 33rd wedding anniversary, so we went for it. What a blast. The weather was perfect..the guides were awesome…and the camp was gorgeous. A great time. Would love to come back.”

“Our family of four enjoyed a late afternoon tour with Mike and Rod. They were awesome as well as our fun zip lining! This was our fourth time zip lining and definitely the safest. Our guides hooked and unhooked our carabineers throughout all 7 zip lines. They also made you feel very comfortable if you had any anxiety…”

“Our family decided to splurge on a fun, local adventure before everyone headed back to school/college. We did the Challenge Course with 5 ziplines, and loved it! Looked like the rest of the grounds were beautiful too – with playground, pool, and other facilities. This isn’t more than an hour from home, and we just found out about it. Very glad we did! We’ll probably return for the other course in the future! :)”

“My two grandchildren and myself experienced the Refreshing Mountain Zip-line Course and to say the least, we all really enjoyed the thrill of the ride! My grandchildren are 7 and 10, and myself a young 63. My grandkids thought it was the best thing to flying and they also thought their grandfather would never do the upside down zip or even be able to do the course! We all had a great time as my wife watched with trepidation from the ground. Our guides were great and especially dealt with the kids in a very positive manner.”

“My husband and I were given gift certificates to go ziplining here last Christmas, after we had so much fun ziplining on our honeymoon in St Lucia. We were worried that the same activity in a less-than-tropical location wouldn’t be as much fun, but this location was beautiful and relaxing (and we didn’t have to keep an eye out for tarantulas!)…”