Well known yet not so known: The Hidden Gems

Phil True
June 20, 2013

How often do we travel far away to find something spectacular, when the hidden gems of our hometown consist of great adventure? This is a question that should cause some exploration and wonder. What are we missing that could be right in our back yard?

We’ve noticed this reality at Refreshing Mountain without a doubt. When we first built a Zip Line tour we expected a huge draw from the local community, especially being the only Zip Line in Lancaster county. What we found was that we were generating enough interest from all of the East Coast and major cities that we soon built a second longer Zip adventure. However, the crickets were chirping in Lancaster when you’d mention a Zip Line. This dynamic works just like it does when you know something like “you know the back of your hand”, yet if you were asked, you wouldn’t have known that you have a small birth mark right below your pinky finger.

We’re glad to be known across the United States, we’re also privileged to be getting more and more known in the local community. Lancaster County carries such a rich heritage of joy, peace and refreshment. We’re glad to be a part of that experience as others discover more about Lancaster as a visiting guest or as one who has always lived here. (We all know if you live in Lancaster, chances are you’ve never moved outside of this county once, its one big family!)

Coming up in the next week, we’re going to be featured in a spot of the Pa Dutch Member’s Bureau TV campaign. It’s an honor to be known, as our name is getting out there and we’re being recognized as a part of the community.

It’s refreshing to know there’s others on your side. Hopefully more exciting businesses and friends will be made known that weren’t before and the Lancaster Community will continue to grow! Lets keep searching to find those hidden gems.

Do you have any favorite hometown spots? Or maybe you need to explore your hometown to find some more excitement.
Comment and tell us about it!