Does Rock Climbing Work Out Every Muscle?

Phil True
September 25, 2015

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You may have watched the popular TV show Ninja Warrior and wondered how they get so physically fit! How on earth did they get those muscles? If you do watch the show, you probably already know that many of these super athletes are rock climbers.

Perhaps watching rock climbers in action looks appealing, but you can’t imagine how you could ever learn, or get involved, in the sport. The good news is, if you are not a massive outdoor enthusiast… or if hanging off large mountains feels a bit crazy, you can still enjoy rock climbing and its benefits. We suggest using an indoor or outdoor rock wall to feel the experience and workout.. without the danger element.

One reason rock climbing is so fascinating, is because it is physically challenging AND mentally stimulating. Yep, rock climbing can strengthen your muscles your brain! Rock climbers have to quickly evaluate options, routes and scenarios while blocking out fatigue and sometimes…pain.

When it comes to your body there are five main muscles that are working when you are climbing, these muscles are the:

  • lats
  • biceps
  • forearm flexors
  • calf muscles
  • abs

These are the main muscles used during rock climbing, however it is likely you will use a lot more while working yourself up that wall! It is a full body experience and  most rock climbers notice an increase in strength and muscle definition, while seeing a drop in their overall body fat. So you are getting quite a bit of a workout.

When it comes to calorie burn, rock climbing gives you a lot of burn…in a small amount of time. A Study provided by Harvard Health Publications revealed that a 155 pound rock climber can burn up to 818 calories per hour of climbing. To be fair, climbers enjoy their sport so immensely, that time flies even for them because they are deeply engaged in the climb and experience.

Where Can You Try Climbing?

If you are looking for a place to try rock climbing in the Lancaster, PA area, you can check out our climbing tower at Refreshing Mountain. You may have heard about our zip line outdoor activities but may not be aware of our unique climbing tower. The climbing tower offers the perfect place for you to try out rock climbing; challenge yourself; and improve your skills while getting a great workout.

If you would love to give climbing a try without all the mile high, danger drama 😉  visit us today at Refreshing Mountain.