Top 10 School Field Trip Ideas in Pennsylvania

Phil True
August 26, 2014

School field trips provide a fun and educational experience for students of all ages.  Here is a top 10 list of school field trip ideas (of course, we are biased towards #9 & #10)

1. Visit a Farm

Touring a local farm is a great way to learn about food production, different farm animals, and the hard work that goes into the food we eat. Students will have a great time while learning all the ins and outs of farm life. Local farms often give tours or welcome students because they realize the importance of educating our youth about farming and local produce.

2. See the State Capitol

State capitols are rich in history and landmarks. They are ideal field trip locations because there is plenty to do within the confines of the state capitols. You can visit politicians, see museums, or take in historic landmarks. The possibilities in the state capitol buildings are endless – not to mention students will love the excitement of the city.

3. Explore a Museum

Museums offer a plethora of knowledge and entertainment for students of all ages. The great thing about museums is the variety of knowledge and subject matter that each museum offers. You will be sure to find something in the museum to relate to class subject matter. You can even spend more time in those areas to drive home key concepts.

4. See the Cosmos in a Planetarium

Planetariums are one of the coolest places to take a field trip too. I still vividly remember the time our elementary class went to the planetarium. The stars projected onto the huge dome paint a clear picture of the night sky free of light pollution. Students and chaperones alike will enjoy their time under the projected stars.

5. Learn About Animals at the Local Zoo

Zoos are another awesome place to take a field trip to. The animals on display are from all over the world and they bring their own stories with them. The animals – big and small, will captivate students and get them excited to learn more on their own. Field trips are supposed to educate and inspire and the zoo can do exactly that.

6. View a Play in a Theatre

There is nothing quite like the art of theatre. Taking a group of students to see a play will be a life changing experience. Plus, the magic of theatre will certainly peak the interest of any student. Many flagship works of drama are still put on to this day, so students will be able to see Shakespeare, for example, come to life.

7. Tour a Local Factory

Local factories give a glimpse into the manufacturing process, but they also show students the value in hard work and manual labor. Not all students will want to go on to college, so it’s good for them to see other trades and opportunities available to them. Factories that regularly set up tours normally have interactive aspects to them as well, so students will enjoy getting their hands dirty while learning about production.

8. Discover Green Energy With Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Solar Farms and Wind energy plants are becoming increasingly more popular and accessible to the public for tours. Renewable energy is extremely important and students would enjoy seeing the huge wind turbines or learning just how much goes into the set up and use of solar panels. This is a unique field trip that students will remember for years to come.

9. Climb in a Ropes Courses or Breeze through a Zip Line Course

High ropes courses offer team building and bonding experiences unlike any other type of field trips. Students learn to work better together and problem solve their way through tough situations. Zip lines are also great because there’s nothing like experiencing physics from a real life perspective. Zip lines use gravity and exact angles to create the sensation of flying through the air. Pair this with a physics lesson and students will be engaged and excited to learn even more.

10. Outdoor Team Building Exercises

Going on a field trip to participate in team building exercises for students are fun and beneficial to the classroom environment. Team building exercises will create a better classroom morale and will even grow a sense of togetherness among the students. These types of trips also put students’ problem solving skills to work. They must work together to achieve a common goal. That’s a great skill to develop and practice often!

Remember, Have Fun!

School field trips are a way to break from the confines of the classroom and engage in real life experiences. Students will learn more than you think when they are able to interact with the material and maybe even get their hands a little dirty. Field trips are a great way to promote learning and get students excited for the rest of the school year.

So, we gave your our list of school field trip ideas, what are your favorite ideas for a school field trip?  Let us know in the comments!