Best Indoor Activities for Large Groups

Phil True
February 5, 2022

Whether you have a group of ten or one hundred, it can be interesting trying to find some games that work for everyone (or, at least, most people). If it’s a rainy day or dreary outside, some of those recreational activities may require a little more creativity if you weren’t planning on the weather change.

To help you guys out, we have compiled a list of activities that are fun for all groups sizes and ages, especially those younger youth groups that have kids with energy. There are plenty of games and activities you can do that may not be on this list, but these few are some of my personal favorites that are easy to plan and set up.

Communication - Teambuilding


This is a great way to connect with people on a whole new level—learning how to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal. Whether your group is from your workplace, high school or church, teambuilding is essential for all walks of life, and the skills can be applied to any field or endeavor in your future. We have a great group of teambuilding facilitators that lead teambuilding activities, and these activities can be done indoors or outside if the weather permits. Either way, this is a great activity for groups that are familiar with each other or are meeting for the first time.

Ice Breaker Games

Ice breakers are great ways to get to know people on a different level. Whether you are using games like train wreck, psychiatrist, or Minute-to-Win-It, this is a great way for people to be able to connect with others on the most random subjects. They are also very easy to set up!

If you’re not sure of great ice breakers, look at our other blog post. This list has lots of fun game ideas for all ages.


Borrow some of our dodgeballs from the office, and let the games begin! Dodgeball is a great game for those young at heart and the competitive people in your group. What’s even better about this is that you can add or change the rules to this game for higher stakes. Here are some fun examples:

  • If you are the last person standing, if you catch the ball, your whole team can come back onto the playing field.
  • You can only catch the ball one-handed. If you use two hands, you’re out!
  • You can’t catch the ball—only dodge it and pick it up off the ground. Any pose used from the Matrix are brownie points.


Detective, (aka Mafia) as we like to call it, is another classic that you can modify to your rules. It works great for any size group with more than five people, and you can either do it as a whole group or split into smaller sections of people.

However you play it, hilarity ensues. As people bluff, create alibies and cover their tracks in interesting ways, it’s always a group favorite.

Church Retreat Team Building Activities


This is an interesting and intense game for those open to breaking a sweat. You can find the official rules on this page here.

A great idea for this game (especially if this is being played inside) is to use a basketball court, and inside of hitting the poles they can toss the ball into the hoop. However you plan it out is great.


Of course, there are many more games and ways to make the activities your own. Lots of this can also change with who is in your group, which you know better than we do over on our side. If you don’t fancy some of these games for your group, I would recommend coming up with some ideas before your retreat so that you be prepared for any changes in your schedule.