Refreshing Mountain is a christian retreat and adventure center located in Lancaster County, PA. We provide overnight retreats and cabin rentals as well as outdoor teambuilding adventures, including ziplines, a climbing wall and more!

“I have been involved in the planning of youth retreats for the past 25 years. Our conference had a long standing tradition of usi...” - Merv R. Stoltzfus
Fun Fact: There are 178,000 gallons of water in our pool.
“Refreshing Mountain Camp exceeded our expectations. I was thoroughly prepared due to all the planning on the part of the RMC staf...” - Mike Regina
Fun Fact: We have 17 different outdoor/adventure activity options to add to your event.
“When I first moved to Philadelphia to attend seminary 10 years ago I immediately became involved in the ministry to college studen...” - Jonathan Olsen
Fun Fact: We washed over 136,000 dishes in our new dishwasher system in the 2013 summer season
“Awesome! Programme was well run, organised, and effective. Mr. Bomberger was incredible. Food was excellent! I have nothing but pr...” - Ted Stout
Fun Fact: We had over 12,800 zipliners on our zipline tours in the 2013 season
“Refreshing Mountain Camp was incredible. The rooms were clean and comfortable, the food was very good, and the activities were ple...” - Steve Hoffman
Fun Fact: We produce over 80,000 kwh of electricity via solar panels, supplying 30% of our energy.
“Just got home today from spending an amazing weekend at your camp with our Churches youth group. I want to thank ALL the staff at...” - Amy Hafer
Fun Fact: Over 19,900 swimmers visited our pool in 2013
“Everything was great. The food was outstanding, and the room accommodations were excellent. All the camp members were profession...” - Nathaniel L. B. Gagum I
Fun Fact: We have 12 zip lines with over 1 mile of combined length.
“I am pleased to recommend Refreshing Mountain Camp as a site for any group planning a camp gathering. I have been involved in pla...” - Stephen Gewecke
Fun Fact: In 2013, we served over 28,000 guests between overnight & day events
“Our groups really enjoyed the activities provided by our camp leaders. Mr. B [Activities Director] tied in the work to accomplish...” - Keith DuBois
Fun Fact: There were over 4 miles of pine boards used in the construction of our first 3 cabins.
“As a group we truely experienced the presence and grace of God. We were blessed by the beautiful surrondings as well as the lovely...” - Bonnie Gill
Fun Fact: We have 20 different buildings onsite, with a combined square footage of over 45,000 sq. ft. of space.

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