Refreshing Mountain is a christian retreat and adventure center located in Lancaster County, PA. We provide overnight retreats and cabin rentals as well as outdoor teambuilding adventures, including ziplines, a climbing wall and more!

“I have been involved in Junior HIgh Ministry for the past 12 years. During that time I have had the privilege of planning over 25...” - Gil Trusty
Fun Fact: We have 12 zip lines with over 1 mile of combined length.
“Our church had an excellent experience at Refreshing Mountain. The facilities and the staff were outstanding! Can't wait to come...” - SaMonna
Fun Fact: We produce over 80,000 kwh of electricity via solar panels, supplying 30% of our energy.
“Refreshing Mountain is Just That! What a wonderful time we had. We went on a zip lining excursion with Mr. B and Brandon and had...” - Katrina Graham
Fun Fact: Over 19,900 swimmers visited our pool in 2013
“I just wanted to let you all know how much Brooklyn Miracle Temple enjoyed there say at the camp. Mister B was a great help and...” - Ray Rich
Fun Fact: In 2013, we served over 28,000 guests between overnight & day events
“It was a really fun trip. my whole group loved the ziplines and the guys that were helping us.” - katelyn rineer
Fun Fact: We had over 12,800 zipliners on our zipline tours in the 2013 season
“As a group we truely experienced the presence and grace of God. We were blessed by the beautiful surrondings as well as the lovely...” - Bonnie Gill
Fun Fact: We have 20 different buildings onsite, with a combined square footage of over 45,000 sq. ft. of space.
“Refreshing Mountain Camp was incredible. The rooms were clean and comfortable, the food was very good, and the activities were ple...” - Steve Hoffman
Fun Fact: We washed over 136,000 dishes in our new dishwasher system in the 2013 summer season
“The staff at RMC was awesome. They were very friendly and interacted great with our students. They answered all of our question...” - Tom Grubbs
Fun Fact: There were over 4 miles of pine boards used in the construction of our first 3 cabins.
“My family enjoyed the canopy tour. The guides were so patient with us and really good with our kids. We had a wonderful day.” - Carrie Collins
Fun Fact: There are 178,000 gallons of water in our pool.
“Our retreat went even better than expected! The zip line was greatly appreciated, and the prime rib dinner was excellent. We gre...” - Jim & Donna Bulgrien
Fun Fact: We have 17 different outdoor/adventure activity options to add to your event.

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