Zipping in from all over the USA

I recently spent a day in New York City.  The next I came back to Refreshing Mountain.  What a contrast!!  Living here in Lancaster County can be its own sort of bubble and you forget what its like to drive for more than a few miles without seeing farmland, trees, and open areas.  This time of year is particularly picturesque as the corn comes down and you can see for miles again.

Being in New York City is amazing for very different reasons but the contrast in these two worlds made me appreciate what guests are experiencing when they come in the office astounded at the beauty of this property.  While the majority of the Zip Liners that came so far this year are from Pennsylvania (4473), other states are well represented;   New Jersey (541), New York (299), Maryland (160), Massachusetts (97), Connecticut (85),  Delaware (88), Virginia (72), Ohio (45), and Florida (37) round out the top 10 Refreshing Canopy Tour states!  All totaled, 39 states were represented thus far in 2013!

Just this week a map of the US was hung in the office.  When you come you can put in a pin to show were you’ve come from.  This is great incentive to come back!  If you need a little more of an incentive, returning Zipliners get 10% off!  Just let us know that you read this blog when you call to make a reservation and we’ll be glad to apply that discount for you.

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