How to Enjoy an Overnight Getaway This Spring

Phil True
February 18, 2018

Modern vacations offer quite a bit of distraction – too much, it seems these days. If you take a vacation to the beach, you’ll end up on the boardwalk surrounded by the sights and (ew!) smells of a crowded beach; during the day there will be people everywhere, littering the beach with their towels, umbrellas, coolers, food and drink, and more.

On the other hand, some people choose to go to the islands or on a cruise for their spring vacation – but these are equally crowded, with little time to spend with your family as you grow, bond, and enjoy your vacation together.

Worse, all of these vacations can be extremely expensive, especially as you try to book them in such a busy season! For a family seeking to enjoy each other’s company, as well as the peace and quiet you deserve on your vacation, nothing is better than getting away to a cabin, especially in the historically preserved American wilds of Amish Country.

Get Away to Lancaster County

As wonderful as the cabin experience can be, however, you do want some activities to enjoy with your family; to that end, Refreshing Mountain’s Spring Getaway Packages include many great activities, such as ziplining, shows at the Sight & Sound Theater, buffet dinners at Hershey farms, and the opportunity to engage in other on-site activities like the climbing tower, archery, slingshot, paintball, obstacle courses, and campfire fun.

Best of all, the Spring Getaway Package offers a discount on many of these activities, allowing you to enjoy your cabin retreat this spring without worrying that your wallet is taking a massive hit! When you consider the peace, quiet, and relaxation you get with the cabin experience, along with the fun you can have at Refreshing Mountain, you’ll wonder at the affordability of the Spring Getaway Package! But what are you really getting with these activities? Are they something you and your family are going to want to do?

Heart-Pounding Fun

We want to come away from our vacations feeling refreshed, but sometimes we can forget that physical activity – when it isn’t backbreaking labor for 10 hours a day or something extreme like that! – is actually a big contributor to our health and happiness. So is a little adrenaline now and again! That’s why, at Refreshing Mountain, zip lining is a great activity for you and your family to engage in at 15% off the normal rate when you build your own Getaway Package. [youtube] Zip lining is a unique way to tour the forest canopy – by using a pulley suspended from a cable mounted on an incline to speed across a wide open space! While it is an entirely safe extreme activity to do so long as you take the necessary safety precautions (which Refreshing Mountain does, of course!), it is often a heart-pounding experience for many, allowing them to feel the wind in their face and a sense of flight as they speed through the open air. Your heart will be pounding by the end of the line!

Tent-Site Camping GetawayMake Your Own Getaway

The great outdoors isn’t all you want out of your vacation. Certainly, many people like to take in some culture during their vacation, enriching themselves and enjoying their evening thanks to some creative entertainment. Sight and Sound Theatres offers exactly that. As the largest faith-based live theatre in the country, Sight and Sound Theatres offers the experience of a “Christian Broadway,” an experience that millions of people from around the world have enjoyed.

The discounted ticket price that the Spring Getaway Package offers doesn’t hurt, either! The theatre isn’t the only element of culture that the Lancaster area has to offer. The cuisine is a huge part of any culture, and that is not less true of the Pennsylvania Dutch who call Central Pennsylvania their home. The Restaurant at Hershey Farm offers both classic and modern Pennsylvania Dutch dishes, all of them made fresh with locally sourced ingredients.

The Spring Getaway Package also comes with the added benefit of a 25% discount on the Buffet Dinner at Hershey Farms. If you want to get to know PA Dutch country culture, the food is often the best way to do so!

Although the Spring Getaway Package gives you the chance to enjoy zip lining, theatre, and great PA Dutch food, don’t forget that you have the chance to customize your package for many other activities that may interest you and your family, and that there are still other things to do with Refreshing Mountain that may not be a part of the Package, but which are still a great time to be had. Click here or call (888) 353-1490 to make your own Spring Getaway!

Editor’s Note: This was originally published 4/18/2014, but was updated on 9/4/2018.