Been “cooped” up too long this Winter?

Phil True
February 15, 2013

Aerial Excursion_Winter_Men_Ziplining

We’ve found the cure for the winter blues; a high flying, exhilarating, one-of-a-kind Zip Line Adventure. This winter may or may not have been hard for you, snowy or not-so-snowy, cold or mild. It’s inevitable to get into that state of longing for the warm Spring air. As the ski resorts come to a close in March and you’re searching for a new Spring-time adventure, Don’t look any further than Refreshing Mountain Camp. That’s right when our new course opens, our new zip line course will bring a breath of fresh air to experiences zip-liners and new comers alike!

We took the plunge this winter and decided to construct a zip line course that’s twice as long and twice as fun, seeing as there’s a lack of experiences like these in the area. We get mainly shocked looks when people find out there’s a several zip line canopy tour so close to their home. To be able to tell them now that there will be two unique, long, innovative zip line courses at the same location in Lancaster, I can’t imagine what they may be thinking.
This new course is so exciting for us, people have loved our original 5 zip line course we built in 2010, so we’re privileged to be able to bring you a whole new experience!  We call it the Aerial Excursion, it’s just another step for Refreshing Mountain Camp but may require a giant leap out of the comfort zone for you!

Aerial Excursion_Winter_Men_Ziplining


So what’re the details you may ask? What’s different than a regular zip line course or your previous one? It’s actually quite exciting, not only did we want to bring you a new course with longer lines, we also wanted to update technology, increase safety on both courses and create a whole new experience altogether!

The experience consists of 7 different zip lines, 3 sky bridges and a surprise ending leading to a wild ride back to home base! Each zip is constructed to slow you down automatically and touch down gently at each platform for maximum comfort. All zips range from approximately 300 to 800 feet in length. 3 connector bridges, Indiana Jones style, span the canopy of the trees to get you from zip to zip. It’s an adventure that takes 3 hours long, ending in a huge surprise that will get your heart racing each time!

Landings at the end of each zip line are much more of a breeze with our new braking system. With it’s automatic locking, it custom tailors your landing for each of you based on how fast you come in. This update is needed with our much longer lines,  This allows you to come in much smoother and at the same speed at each platform and each course.

This is the custom built transportation as part of the whole experience.

8 people is the maximum amount of people for this course. Our tour guides love being able to focus attention on you in groups, giving you a relational experience through the trees that you wont forget. For you larger groups, we’re able to accommodate you on our existing 5 zip line course: Challenge Adventure.
More information about that can be found on

After extensive training of the tour guides and much practice we’ll have the course open by March 1st 2013! This is just in time before you go stir crazy waiting for Spring to break in. We’re looking for warm whether and a beautiful opening!

We hope to see you out this Spring! Keep thinking up, and don’t let the winter blues get to you!