Refreshing Mountain Staff Bio for Kiley Kreider

Phil True
March 21, 2022

Kiley Kreider Admin Scaled 1

Who are you, and what is your role at Refreshing Mountain?

My name is Kiley Kreider, and I am the newest member of the admin team. I began working part time about half way through the summer of 2021. A few months later, here I am assisting the other admins with their responsibilities and double checking that the activities schedule is accurate. I love that this job provides the combination of being active and interacting with people.

What does your life look like outside of RM?

When I’m not at Refreshing Mountain, I spend time with my friends and family. I have three siblings so there always seems to be someone to hang out with. This usually looks like playing cards or a yard game. If the weather is nice I can usually be found playing Spikeball or hiking. When I’m not with people, I am reading.

How did you arrive at RM, and what are you plans (if any) for after your work here?

I started working at Refreshing Mountain soon after I graduated high school. I felt called to work here instead of going to college. In the future I plan to do a discipleship training school and continue working here until God opens another door.