5 Reasons You Should Apply to Work at Refreshing Mountain

Phil True
February 18, 2022

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Are you looking for a new job for the summer, but don’t know where to start? Are you a parent, who is looking for a fun first job for your teenager, or even for yourself? Look no further! It’s time for us to begin hiring for summer employment at Refreshing Mountain! If you want to do something significant with your time, this is the place to do it.

As someone who is employed by Refreshing Mountain, I can tell you personally that there are a MULTITUDE of benefits when you work here, and it doesn’t just have to do with your paycheck. Take a look below to see why you want to work here, too!

You Work with a Purpose

At Refreshing Mountain, our purpose is people-focused—to create an uplifting experience and to help people feel refreshed during their stay. As you work in the office, cook in the kitchen, maintain the beauty of the property, or help people out during their activities, you serving these people refreshes and fills them in a way they can continue to carry on with the rest of their year. One of my favorite things that patrons will do, is pull me aside and ask me to thank everyone who worked on their retreat or their zipline experience or will tell me how much they love the property and the beauty it carries.

This is a business that focuses on loving others. We have a variety of people that come to Refreshing Mountain, so we do our best to reflect God’s love to anyone who comes to our facility. No matter how people arrive to our facility—excited, upset, tired—we do our best to make sure they leave with a smile on their face. That’s purpose right there.

You Learn Skills You Can Apply Elsewhere

In addition to the purpose of people, we also want what’s good for your future. Our jobs include training and skills that will be required in future fields, if you look for other careers, outside of Refreshing Mountain. In the activities’ department, for example, you will obtain 1-on-1 training with our activities’ instructors. And although you may not need to harness people at your next job, you will learn how to notice important details regarding overall activity enjoyment and safety.

If you work in the office, you will learn how to communicate with others (which is something I have definitely had to improve on since being here), how to use a computer (another foreign subject to me), and how to multi-task. Yes, somehow, I got a computer job without understanding how to use a computer or any of its programs, but I learned! Now I use these skills not only at Refreshing Mountain, but in my personal life when my grandpa almost breaks my television!

You Refresh Others

There is a Bible verse that says, “When you refresh others, you yourself will be refreshed” (Prov. 11:25) and that applies to Refreshing Mountain, too. As I said above, you will end up meeting a lot of people and help them to feel “refreshed” no matter which department you’re in. If you are in close contact with guests, you will get to know a variety of new people on a regular basis, with people coming from all different cultures. Because of how we treat and serve our guests, we always start seeing familiar faces. The same people continue to want to come back over and over- which in some cases produces life-long friendships.

In addition to tour guests, your co-workers will be your favorite people. Even though I mainly work in the office (and sometimes in activities), I have the great experience of being connected with people in all different departments. It’s fun working alongside people who think differently or choose to make work their own kind of fun.

My favorite things to do outside of work actually has to do with the people I’m working with, including going to Fox Meadows after work. We even have a Bible Study weekly, which will end with games, stories, and delicious food, so you always end up laughing a lot and feeling satisfied.

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It’s a Fun Environment to Work In

Yes! Clearly, as stated above, we have the best people to work with. Some of them are super crazy, and others provide you with the peace you need for the day. We all love to challenge each other in new ways so that we can become stronger as a whole.

The work you do is also rewarding. You get to tackle a variety of tasks daily that can stretch you and help your skills become sharper. Personally, I appreciate the variety of tasks I can do, especially because it’s almost never the same. Everyone who works at Refreshing Mountain has different areas of work that are fulfilling to them. Whenever I help in activities, it’s always great getting to know the groups that come to RM, because their questions, senses of humor, and personalities are so different.

Find what is suitable for you! We have a variety of positions to choose from, whether you want to zipline every day or want to help to housekeep the lodging. Maybe even do a combination of work and serve where is best for you.

You Wake Up Looking Forward to Work

If you enjoy your work, is it really work?

I’m not a morning person. Like, I’m really not a morning person. And I am sure that I am not the only one out there (actually, I know I’m not, even here at RM). However, I am always excited to come into work. Even when I work in the office at 8am in the morning, I come to work with a genuine smile on my face, especially once I see my coworkers.

On top of that, Refreshing Mountain is breathtaking. When working outdoors, you really are outdoors, and can take in the beauty of nature and God’s creation. Who wouldn’t want to experience that?

For more information about what it’s like to work in a camp, The Power of Camp has a great post that talks about how working in a facility like ours is beneficial toward you future. Read more about it here!

With all that said, there are still many facets to Refreshing Mountain that make this a great place to work. But you’ll have to find that out for yourself once you start working here with us. We look forward to the opportunity! If you weren’t interested before, maybe you are now. Check out our available job openings and apply here.