5 Free Things To Do Near Refreshing Mountain

Phil True
October 6, 2020

When staying at a cabin at Refreshing Mountain, you may want to do some off-site activities that are fun, but that do not bite into your vacation budget. Below is a list of 5 outdoor places our staff recommend as free activities and are close to Refreshing Mountain!

Middle Creek

Located 7 minutes from Refreshing Mountain, Middle Creek is a Wildlife Management Area owned by the PA State Game Commission. Middle Creek is a beautiful wooded area with a lake and multiple hiking trails. The lake is perfect for fishing or kayaking. During the winter months the lake at Middle Creek is a stop on the Snow Geese migration track. When are the Snow Geese at Middle Creek? Check their “bird cam” for updates.

Rails to Trails

Located only 20 minutes from Refreshing Mountain, Rails to Trails are old train routes converted into trails for walking, running and biking. These trails are nice because they are generally flat wandering their way through PA woodlands and farm fields, so they are less intense without forfeiting the beauty. Because these trails are direct routes they tend to be used by locals (including the Amish) to get from one town to the next. You can start the Ephrata- Lititz rail trail in either of the small towns of Ephrata or Lititz, both are only 20 minutes from Refreshing Mountain.  The rail trail has some nice shaded spots and seating areas along the way for snacking. Both towns provide local restaurants and mom and pop shops as a great destination for your journey.  Use the trail access guide to plan your route!

Lititz Springs Park

Lititz Springs Park is located 20 minutes from Refreshing Mountain or if you’re biking the rail trail it can be your destination! Lititz is a beautiful, small, walk-able town full of mom and pop shops, local (non chain) restaurants and cafes, and lots of seasonal activities. Located a few steps from main street is Lititz Springs Park. The park has a stream that runs through the park and is fed by a spring (hence the name) on the west end of the park. It’s a great place to have lunch with plenty of picnic tables and pavilions. The stream also is home to a variety of ducks that are an amusement to passersby. With several playgrounds this is a great free option to get kids outside to burn off some energy. Definitely a staff favorite here at Refreshing Mountain.

Camp Mack

Located about 15 minutes from Refreshing Mountain, Camp Mack is a beautiful woodland with trails for both hiking and mountain biking. Part of  Boy Scout Camp, this property is available to the public. A lot of work has been put into developing the trails in partnership with Camp Mack. Be sure to stop by the ranger outpost at the trail head to With lots of area to explore these trails provide a network of beauty during the spring, summer and fall. The Hiking Project has more information about hiking along with trail maps, pictures, and more information. Grab your bike and/or your shoes, this is a great place to go outside in Lancaster.

Speedwell Forge

Also 15 minutes from Refreshing Mountain is a lake called Speedwell Forge. Speedwell (as the locals call it) is the perfect place for kayaking, boating, and fishing. Great for outdoor enthusiasts with small boats, this location is a hot spot for local reptile and amphibian wildlife. Take your camera and binoculars because you’re bound to see something! There are also a few picnic areas so bring a packed lunch and make it a day!

We hope that you enjoy all these free outdoor places that you can go near Refreshing Mountain! If you would like to see more ideas of things to do in Lancaster, take a look at AutoOne’s post regarding great places to go in Lancaster.