8 Benefits of Outdoor Team-Building Activities for Teens

Phil True
June 9, 2022

It is no secret that team-building group activities for teens can be very beneficial to group success and personal development. From building bonds and teaching participants how to work together to develop shared goals, grow leadership skills and improving communication skills, we love outdoor team-building activities for more reasons than one. 

Especially in teens, these activities can help foster a sense of community and belonging amongst peers. What other benefits may rise to the surface? We’re sharing 8 of our favorite reasons why you should coordinate an outdoor team-building session for your teen group today. 

1. Increase Motivation

Taking part in a new and exciting fun activity such as a team bonding exercise, increases participants’ motivation and competitive spirit, as they know that they are being cared for and will be rewarded for their good work. When teens have a goal to work towards, they become more motivated to reach that endpoint. In scenarios where they don’t know what they’re working towards, it can be easy to lose motivation and become uninterested in the task at hand. 

2. Better Communication Skills

Teamwork teaches kids and teens how to listen effectively and gather information before acting. Without listening, it becomes impossible to have a dialogue with others, and communication becomes one-sided. In these scenarios, any sense of teamwork is lost.

As kids and teens learn to listen, they learn to speak to one another. While we know these individuals can already talk, speaking is different and requires a learned skill. Better communication involves all aspects of listening and speaking – hearing what others have to say, understanding the problem at hand and being intentional with words before sharing information with the entire team. How people speak with others demonstrates their level of understanding and respect, which is a crucial part of working together as a team.

Team Building Puzzle Activity For Teens

3. Build Trust

When you have a group of children or teenagers working together on a sports team, in a club, as part of a youth group, or during class, a lack of trust can keep them from working together effectively and trusting in each other’s abilities. But unlocking the trust factor can spark a whole new dynamic for many. 

Developing trust within a group can help teens build bonds, teach them to work together to meet a shared goal, and improve communication and cooperation skills. Building trust is a fundamental concept of character education and lifelong learning, even with young children. It helps children function more cohesively as a unit and can also have a lessening effect on arguments and behavior problems.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” – Henry Ford

4. Improve Problem Solving Skills

As teens develop problem-solving skills, exposure to how others look at problems and solutions can be highly beneficial. For many teens, their approach to problem-solving comes from personal experience. But for those new to a challenge or who get hung up on individual solutions, having others to observe and work with to solve problems can unleash entirely new ways of thinking. 

An outdoor game or team-building activities can also present teens with new challenges they don’t face in their everyday lives. While many of the lessons and solutions they use can be applied to other areas, the added advantage of a new environment can challenge their thinking and develop these skills deeper. 

5. Increase Self-Confidence

When kids understand that their voices are respected and valued, they gain self-confidence and get more comfortable voicing their thoughts. Knowing that they are being heard gives them a sense of worth and encourages participation in the team – both during team-building activities and in everyday life. 

Team building days can increase a teen’s confidence and strengthen their ability to rely on others. When teens are confident in themselves and in others, the overlap of benefits bleeds into all areas of life. Confidence breeds trust. Trust breeds communication. And so on. 

Teen Team Building Activity

6. Foster A Sense Of Fun

Creating a fun environment for teens can help develop them in so many ways. While the physical activities may not innately be ‘fun,’ teens who can change the mood of a group and influence the activity in a positive light make the entire scenario fun for everyone involved. 

Team building can be a lot of fun, and allowing teens to discover this in their own ways will help them find enjoyment in other challenging situations. Fun youth group activities are a perfect way to focus on team-building in a unique and educational way. 

7. Connect With Nature

While we encourage all opportunities for team-building, unplugging from daily lives out in nature is our favorite way to do it. Being in nature and fresh air can help teens relax, clear their minds, and refocuses their attention.

Just stepping out in nature allows teens to expand their understanding and appreciation of the natural environment and all that it offers. 


8. Team Building Builds Successful Adults

There are very few times in life when a person works completely independently of others and has to rely on themselves solely. By introducing teens to team-building activities and allowing them to work together with others, you are setting them up for success in their current life and for years to come down the line. 

The better these students can communicate, and the better their social skills, the happier they will be as members of a group and when working with others. And, of course, we want to see all of our children thrive and have fun doing so. 

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