Refreshing Mountain Bio for Colleen Watson

January 30, 2017

ColleenColleen has the honorary distinction of being the longest employed staff member at Refreshing Mountain. Originally she was working for her brother-in-law who was Refreshing Mountain’s accountant.  But then, 30 years ago, Colleen transitioned to being an employee of Refreshing Mountain to keep the books.

Part of Colleen’s “reward” for being a long time employee is that she has had more office space than anyone.  “There were times when I came to work and I couldn’t locate my office.  The most challenging office was in the old dining hall storage room. I had to turn sideways to get between the shelving to my desk, and once there I didn’t move.  Glad I wasn’t there too long!”

In reflecting on her years of employment at Refreshing Mountain, Colleen noted that “since I am the oldest and employed the longest, I have had the privilege and opportunity to see all the Harnish children grow into young men and women.  I have truly been blessed to be part of this family and RMC.”Colleen

Along with her husband, Richard, Jr, she has two grown daughters, Kristin and Lisa, and two grandchildren, Isabella and Chase.