Top 5 Reasons to Hold Your Next Men’s Retreat at Refreshing Mountain

Phil True
April 17, 2015

The Bible teaches us that fellowship is an important part of walking with God and that we can turn to the other men in our community for their support and help when we need it. Sometimes in today’s busy world, building these important community bonds can be difficult. This is why we’ve made it our mission here at Refreshing Mountain to provide a safe and tranquil environment free from the stress and worry of daily life where you and your men’s group can spend an overnight retreat building your ties as a community and offering one another mutual support in your daily lives.  While there are many benefits to holding a retreat on our property, here is our list of top reasons for why you should consider Refreshing Mountain as a destination for your next men’s retreat.

#1 Fellowship & Recreation

Our beautiful facility is dedicated to providing your group with everything they need so that you can focus on strengthening your relationship with God and with each other. Our large retreat center is home to several meeting spaces fully equipped with tables, chairs, AV equipment and everything you need for presentations, fellowship and more. We’re proud to be able to offer many different meeting spaces all over the property to accommodate groups of almost any size, from 20 people to 400. With all the setup already taken care of, you’re free to focus on your message and let the message of your meetings shine. In addition to these great meeting halls, our property also contains several gyms and activity centers where your group can bond over team sports, fun, and games. Organize a game on our outdoor field, set up a foos ball tournament in our game hall, or even take a dip in our swimming pool for a great group activity that brings everyone together.

#2 Team Building Activities

One of the most popular and unique features of our facility is our Challenge Adventure zipline and high ropes course. This fun and challenging adventure course can help bring the men of your community together with its emphasis on trust and triumph. We feature a number of other outdoor adventures and team building activities with options for all skill and thrill levels.  Whether you are physically supporting a partner on the rock climbing wall or cheering a team mate to victory over a daunting challenge, this exciting course is a great way to help your group feel like a team. Supporting each other through these fun adventure challenges will remind your group that they can rely on one another for encouragement and support when times get tough. Our team building activities help to bring that lesson home while also promoting group play in a fun and exciting environment.

#3 Delicious Buffet Style Meals

At Refreshing Mountain, we want you to be able to stop sweating the small stuff so that you can get to the more important business of building quality memories with the members of your community. That’s why we run a full commercial kitchen to provide your group with tasty meals, healthy choices, and gourmet options to fit your group and your needs. Our professional kitchen staff is standing by to provide good meals for almost any size group, and can even work with you to accommodate special diet requests like gluten free or vegetarian options. Sharing a meal with someone is great way to got to know one another, and our comfy, clean dining room makes meals a team building community experience. In addition to great regular meals with nutritious and healthy options, our kitchen also features gourmet entrees, and is sure to cook up something you and your group will love. Our stellar culinary staff and inviting facilities allow you to relax, break bread with your group and leave the rest to us.

#4 Comfortable Accommodations

Get comfortable in our clean and inviting cabins and bunks, with multiple sizes to provide your group with a perfect fit. We have everything from cozy two bedroom cabins that can sleep eight on your overnight retreat, up to large bunks that can sleep 20 to 30, bringing groups together and creating a small overnight community. With multiple different sleeping arrangements available as well as homey lodge housing, our ample facilities gives you a space to relax, rest, and refresh your mind among friends and colleagues and prepare for the day’s fun activities. Our inviting lodging options are beautifully maintained and cleaned to allow you to kick back and enjoy your retreat among good company. Set deep in the beautiful Pennsylvania woodlands, our cabins and lodges offer a way to take a break from daily life and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in a natural and peaceful setting. Spend a night getting away from it all, and spend a night getting to know and trust your group.

#5 Beautiful Surroundings

Our great facilities are built on 80 acres of verdant Pennsylvania woodland in Lancaster County, and our gorgeous outdoor activity areas help put your retreat back in touch with the beauty of God’s creation. Our well maintained property features hiking trails, outdoor recreation areas and easy access to local activities, making it easy to plan fun activities that your whole group is sure to enjoy. Enjoy the plants, wildlife and natural beauty of our lush environment, and leave the details to our professional staff. Our dedication to providing clean, safe and comfortable facilities allows you and your group, no matter what size, to get away from it all and experience the tranquility of nature. In addition to hiking and fishing, our grounds offer swimming, sports, playgrounds, and lots of other outdoor activities designed to help your retreat have fun as a group and grow as a team.


Our comprehensive services are geared toward providing everything you need for a successful overnight retreat and we offer a unique opportunity to get away from it all and get back to what is really important. Our facilities offer several unique features that can benefit your group and bring you closer together as a more cohesive and supportive team. Our lodgings can accommodate many different sizes of groups, and our mission is to take care of the details so that your group can focus on growing closer.

Are you interested in learning more about men’s retreats at Refreshing Mountain?  Visit our website for more details on our facilities, activities and pricing or give us a call to schedule a tour at (717) 738-1490.