Looking for a Fun Family Adventure? Try An Outdoor Activity

Phil True
April 3, 2015

Are you looking for a different and exciting way to spend time with your family and friends? Are you tired of spending your weekends on housework or shopping? Maybe you just want to try a different kind of activity: one that stimulates your mind, engages your spirit and grows your heart. An outdoor adventure activity might be the change of pace that you can your family would enjoy.

Imagine a day out with your family, soaring through the air on a zip line or climbing up a high tower. Or imagine your family working together on a geocaching treasure hunt. The options are endless. You and family can enjoy:

An outdoor adventure is family-friendly fun in an environment that is completely safe. Here are just some of the benefits of an outdoor field trip:

Learn Something New
Have you ever shot a bow? Rappelled on a rock wall? If you want to develop new skills, an outdoor field trip is ideal. Learning something new is an empowering experience that demonstrates your ability to rise to a challenge and cope with the world in a new way. There is nothing more satisfying than demonstrating that you can accomplish a goal that you put your mind to.

Grow as a Person
On an outdoor adventure, you can grow as a person. Confronting situations that are outside of your comfort zone means facing fears, demonstrating courage and being determined. You will leave your adventure more confident in your self and your ability to overcome challenges.  An outdoor adventure also enhances your people skills. By working together to achieve a common goal, you learn not only about yourself but how to motivate and care for others. You grow as a leader and a team builder.

Build Relationships
Today, we spend to much time in front of a screen. An outdoor field trip forces you to interact with your family and friends as you work together to achieve a goal. In the process, you learn more about your family members and what makes them tick. This builds and strengthens the bonds of love and affection within your family. An outdoor adventure is more than just being together with others; it is a new revelation of who the other person is.

Create Memories
Nothing creates memories like an outdoor field trip. You will be telling stories about how you overcame obstacles together, outmaneuvered the other team in paintball and were victorious over a 40-foot tower for years. You will not need to take pictures and put them in your scrapbook because the memories will remain vividly in your mind for years.

The next time you are planning a family getaway, you should consider an outdoor adventure activity. You will not only have fun, but you will grow together as a family.  If you are in or nearby Lancaster County, Refreshing Mountain offers options for all of the above, plus much more.  We also offer family cabin rentals for an overnight or weekend getaway.