Farm Animal Experience at Refreshing Mountain

Phil True
September 22, 2020

Petting Horse Scaled

Looking for an opportunity to see what life is like on a farm? Refreshing Mountain offers guests a guided tour that will take you to each of our animal enclosures. We have horses, goats, sheep, chickens, dogs and other adorable animals that guests may hold, pet, feed and groom. This experience is filled with fun animal facts and safety tips for handling animals, making it perfect for young kids!

Our tour begins by visiting each animal in their enclosure. Upon arriving at each pen, a few safety tips are mentioned before entering in order to ensure the safety of both guests and animals. Proper hand feeding techniques are discussed, and guests have the opportunity to feed numerous animals. Every so often, we welcome a new baby animal to the experience, giving you a unique encounter with one of God’s precious creatures.   

Pig Scaled

In one of the enclosures, guests are given the chance to groom our mini horses. Our guides will explain the purpose and correct usage of each grooming tool. You will then get a chance to try the different tools out on the ponies. For those who liked to braid, the ponies love to have their mane and tails braided. At the end of this time, our ponies always look adorable and freshly brushed. 

We have many animals who love to be hand fed. With our bunnies, each guest can grab their own handful of grass and watch the rabbits munch it like a soda machine accepting a dollar bill. For the alpacas, you will get to feed them grain from your palm and listen to the kids giggle as they feel the tickle of their lips. The last feeding experience is especially memorable. Our pigs love animal crackers, and each guest will receive an animal cracker to put between their fingers and watch the pigs grab and eat them.


Alpaca 2 Scaled

Refreshing Mountain’s Animal Experience is a special chance to get a personal experience with many different farm animals, as well as receive safe instruction and interesting facts while interacting with them. This guided experience is well-loved by guests of all ages.