Refreshing Mountain Bio for Jeff Martin

Phil True
May 5, 2012

Jeff Maintenance Staff Scaled 1

Jeff Martin has been working at Refreshing Mountain for about twelve years. Throughout his time here he has held multiple positions, serving where he can help the most. When he first started, Jeff worked as a member of the activities staff, quickly taking on the leadership role of Activities Director. This position is important because it helps with developing and building the activities that patrons are participating in.

About 7 or 8 years ago, however, he was asked to step into the role of Maintenance Director, where he serves currently and plays an important role in how Refreshing Mountain functions. Jeff says that he always appreciates making the facility look good for the people coming to Refreshing Mountain. He loves being able to take care of the grounds. His role allows him to make sure the entire staff of RM has what they need to do their own jobs properly—this includes fixing things in a timely manner so that everyone can do their job to keep things going.

Although he misses the interactions with different people from activities, he loves the role he is in now. This is especially true because it allows him to spend time with his family. He is married and has 3 boys and 3 girls—the ages of 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1. He loves it!

On occasion Jeff still helps with teambuilding, alongside our other teambuilding staff which includes Don Bomberger and Joel Brown. He loves the interaction with the people he meets from the groups that come to our facility. Still, his main role is the behind the scenes work of Refreshing Mountain, but if you ever see him around Refreshing Mountain, make sure you say hi to him!

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