Is This the Real Easter, Rock Climbing Style?

Phil True
April 7, 2013

Most people know the real reason behind Easter, each choosing to express it differently. Our question is, how do rock climbers choose to celebrate Easter?

You may visit a Catholic Mass for only one time all year, or maybe you enjoy another church with your family or go on an Easter egg hunt with your kids. All these ideas are fun and all can be great ways to commemorate Easter.

However, the staff at Refreshing Mountain Camp, itching for Spring, longing to climb in shorts again, waiting for patrons, friends, climbers and zip liners to come out to Stevens Pa, chose to celebrate Easter this way:

Climbing Tower_Spring_Men


Always having fun, always finding an excuse to climb, our staff chose to show the Cross of Jesus this way. Celebrating the death, resurrection and eternal life we experience through Christ Jesus, onlookers enjoyed watching these crazy climbers position themselves in the shape of a cross 30 feet off the ground!

Though it may not involve as much muscle strain or heights, we know there’s really no wrong way of celebrating Jesus death and resurrection, as long as you keep Christ in the center of all things, with complete trust on Him! “For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory.” -Romans 11:36

Tell us, what are your favorite Easter traditions?

Happy Easter!