Getting to Know Akiya Shirk

Phil True
August 25, 2012

Activities_Staff_Summer 2012


Akiya Shirk, informally known as Kat, or, as she puts it “whatever you want to call me”, has worked here for several years.  She has always added flair, spice and been a good hark worker and a great comrade to our team of guides! This girl has spunk, she is absolutely cut from a different cloth than most. She loves it like that and trust me, so do we! People immediately notice her for her unique style preferences and her joyful smile as she obviously enjoys the work she does.

How’d you get involved at Refreshing Mountain?

Sadly enough, I can’t really remember exactly how I found out about Refreshing Mountain.   I think my mum first told me about it and since the job description sounded like so much fun, I decided to apply.

Now whats your favorite part about the job?

I get to meet all different kinds of people. I get to help them overcome something in their life that is terrifying for them. I also get to challenge myself in ways that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to do, such as pulling myself out of my introverted personality. Mostly, I just love meeting everybody that has an opportunity to come hang with us. I’ve learned more from all of you than I think I ever will in any other job I might take up.

Tell us about your first experience zip-lining?

A ton of fun. The wind in your face, the trees zooming by, the speed, everything. I love it. I have to be honest, there’s no more adrenaline rush, but it never loses it’s thrill.

Did you always Activities_Staff_Summer 2012know you’d be doing crazy things like this when you were older?

Yes, definitely. Even as a small kid, I was climbing all over things. Rocks, trees, my 6 foot 5 Uncle, you name it. I loved being up high in the air and that hasn’t changed! I always figured that things like rock climbing or sky diving would being a big part of my life and I wasn’t wrong. I’ll be doing crazy things for the rest of my life!

What’s the funniest experience you’ve had on the zip lines?

That would have to be when I brought my own family onto the ropes course and zip lines. I must be the genetic mutation in the family because I’m the only one that isn’t scared of heights. They went across the zip lines death gripping the ropes and I just had to laugh a little.

What advice would you give to the zip liners that are coming in from all over?

Listen to us is definitely a first. We’ll keep you safe no matter what, but it’s even safer, and easier on your nerves, if you listen to our instructions. I want to see you challenge yourselves, but I also want to see you succeed, even when your scared.

Zipline_Staff_WomenWhat’s the best thing about zip-lining in general?

You get to challenge yourself. Sometimes in the general flow of life, we forget to throw ourselves out of our comfort zone, which is, in my opinion at least, a very important factor of life.

Activities_Staff_Summer 2012

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