Getting to Know Rod Redcay

April 28, 2014

Activities_Staff_2012Rod Redcay started working at Refreshing Mountain in the fall of 2011 at the urging of his wife, Sunny, who is our Sales Coordinator.  His favorite part of the job is working with people and helping them overcome their fears.  According to Rod, the interactions with the people and spending time in the great outdoors are what make the job really fun.  What is Rod’s advice for someone nervous about doing a Zipline course?  “Don’t let fear keep you from experiencing the joys of life.  Let the zipline tour guides help you overcome those fears.  Come with the understanding that no one falls or breaks a leg or anything serious like that.  It’s totally safe and a lot of fun.”

When not out leading a Zip Line course, Rod leads “a non-profit organization designed to help at-risk youth and families in need in our community.  I love to help people especially young teens who need mentoring.  I also love sports especially playing basketball, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee!”  To see more about the great ministry Rod heads up, check it out at R.E.A.L. Youth Ministry.

If you are fortunate enough to have Rod lead your Zip Line tour you will find he enjoys joking around.  Be warned, however: sometimes he finds it very funny to pretend he forgot something. When you’re ready to jump off, watch out for his line “it’s ok to go, just jump. oh wait!” Because he knows that nothing bad will happen as long as everyone follows his instructions, he likes to joke around a little bit. He loves getting people with that one, but now that you know, you won’t fall for it.  (Pun intended!)

What are others saying about Rod as a guide?  Below are a few snippets from TripAdvisor.

 “…Our instructors Rod and Michael were with us the whole time for encouragement , help and safety!…”

“…Rod and Josh were absolutely wonderful from helping us get our equipment on to the end of the tour. Darby was so welcoming and helped us too with both of our events. They make you feel so comfortable that even if you never zip lined before it is an amazing experience. They made me feel so comfortable and safe I was able to zip line upside down! What a rush!…”