Getting to Know David Wenger

April 29, 2014

David Wenger began working at Refreshing Mountain in the Spring of his sophomore year of high school, April 2011.   At first he only came to the pool, but after aDavid Wengerwhile he got a job working for activities. Now that he’s worked here a few years, his favorite part of the job is being outdoors all day. As he puts it, “I love it up here in the woods!”

When not leading Zip Line tours, David attends Grove City College.  In his off time he likes to spend as much time outside as possible hunting, camping, running , or hanging out around a campfire with friends.

David has some David Wenger. 2011 (2)practical advice for those of you coming to Zip Line: “Remember that you are here to have fun! There should not be extra worries on you mind when coming to zipline.  Zip lining should help you escape from the world and relax.  That is also why I love my job so much!”

Looking back over the many tours he has led, David says his favorite experience “was when I was finally able to take my family on the Challenge Adventure Tour.  It was great for them to be able to see first-hand what I do every day.  I can’t wait to take them on the Aerial Excursion Tour this Activities_Staff_2011