Getting to know Darbi Knee

May 19, 2014

Darbi Knee is one of Refreshing Mountain’s long-time employees. She was approached by Marlin Harnish,Darbie Knee. 2011 (2) the owner of Refreshing Mountain, and asked if she would be interested in belaying for their ropes course. Her reply? “Yes sir!” She has been with us since 1998 as a well-loved and respected guide—so much so that one of the platforms was named after her! Darbi owns the name “Darbi’s Deck” with pride.

WoDarbie Knee. August 15Th, 2012 (1)rking as a Zip Line guide, Darbi loves “watching people face their fears,” especially when other people are praying for them.

Darbi admits she’s a bit of a jokester; one of her favorite things is playfully harassing Mr B and Jeffrey—her bosses and fellow zipline guides.

One of her most amusing memories happened during a night-time zipline tour. After trying to entertain the people waiting with her “horrible singing”, she introduced herself.  One of the gentlemen mentioned that he knew a Darbi in Ephrata that used to babysit him. As it turned out, that was her! “Did I ever feel old!” she remembers. “It was really cool though.”

To help people nervous about ziplining, she likes to remind them that they’re in good hands, and that it’s up to them to conquer their fears. “Let us help you in any we way can,” she says. “I love when patrons come back and thank me for helping them on that first zipline.”

Outside of work, her number one priority is spending time with her grandkids. She also loves taking walks and baking for anyone who likes her amazing cupcakes (which incluDarbie 2010des all the employees at Refreshing Mountain!).Darbie Knee. 2011 (11)