Get to Know Michael Navedo!

Phil True
April 7, 2012

Activities_Staff_Summer 2012Michael Navedo is our youngest guide, but don’t let his age fool you. He really knows his stuff. Anybody who has taken a zip line canopy tour with Michael knows they’re in good hands. He is naturally talented in many outdoor activities and sports and he has the fitness to prove you’ll be safe if there’s ever a problem! You may catch him doing pull ups on the high ropes course or spinning upside down across the zip line, he loves to have a good time on the zip lines and he’ll make sure you have a good time as well!
Besides working at Refreshing Mountain Michael is also going to be a senior in high school this coming year; He also does any adventure sport he can find. Whether it’s rock climbing, dirt biking or skateboarding he’s sure to impress you with his God gifted ability. If you head over to the pool after your zip line you may catch him doing some crazy flips and stunts off our 1 meter spring board that will amaze you!
If you get Michael as a tour guide, or even as a facilitator, don’t let his quietness deceive you – get him talking and he has a lot of experiences to share!

Some questions with Michael!

How long have you worked here?
Almost three years! But I’ve been a zip-line/Refreshing Mountain “dweller” for many more years than that – and many to come!

What’s your favorite thing about getting to zip-line everyday?
Having the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful course!
Does it ever get boring?
No, because you’re always meeting new people and every ride is different.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
Snowboarding, because it’s the  best thing to enjoy during the less busy season of Zip-lining.

Do you have any advice for first time zip-liners?
Come prepared to step outside of your comfort zone.

Whats your favorite season, and time of day to zip line?
Cool summer mornings, it’s not blistering hot, there’s a nice breeze, and the birds are out chirping!

How long are you planning on keeping the dread-locks?
I’m actually getting them touched up this Sunday! So as soon as I decide to get rid of them, or until they get in the way of everything I love to do.

Any Final thoughts?
You should really check out the zip-line experience! I hope to hear and connect with all of you zip-liners soon!