Refreshing Mountain Bio for Angie Harnish

Phil True
January 19, 2022

Angie Holding 319 Cup Scaled 1

Hi everyone! My name is Angie and I work as the Café Manager at Refreshing Mountain! However, I have worn a lot of hats over the past couple years. I started out in the Activities department in the fall of 2018 and transitioned to the café the following spring to help the previous manager keep things running. By the fall of 2019 I had transitioned to the Café Manager, met the love of my life, and since then married Refreshing Mountain’s Trash Man, Jeremy Harnish.

On a normal summer day, you will find me in the café making espresso for guests, putting a pizza in the microwave, or dumping a milkshake into a cup (sometimes I do all three at the same time!). The other ¾ of the year you might find me doing a trash run with Jeremy, vacuuming a meeting room, making food in the dining hall, restocking the activities store, or taking a hike on the trail with some of my homeschool students.

When I am not working at Refreshing Mountain, I teach at a Co-op that my mom started in 2020 pursuing a 20+ year old dream she had. I am also (slowly) making my way towards a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. The Lord put this on my heart when I was in High School, and now, 5 years post high school, I am plugging away at this dream! I also enjoy going on hikes with Jeremy and spending time with family… Sometimes by playing games, but usually talking and laughing. Snuggling in a fuzzy blanket with warm tea in my hand, homemade kettle corn, and a movie are also pretty high on my list of “things I like to do.” Then again, who doesn’t love popcorn, a funny movie, and a cozy blanket, am I right?!

Another one of my most favorite things to do is travel!! My mom is from Chile, so ever since I was little, I took airplane rides to visit family and go on missions trips to Mexico. So, when I turned 18, I decided to fly across the globe to spend 4 months in New Zealand, 1 month in Indonesia, and 1 month in South Korea! Fun fact about me: I was at the Winter Olympics in 2018!! It was super cool. In both ways that ‘cool’ could be used… Brrrrr.