New Outdoor Exploration Package at Refreshing Mountain

“What other things can we do while we’re here at Refreshing Mountain?” This is a question we often hear from our zipline and family cabin rental customers.  We’ve always offered a number of activities for larger groups, but we’ve recently expanded our on-site activity options for individuals, couples, families and smaller groups.  Beginning in April 2015, we now offer an “Outdoor Exploration” activity package with convenient per-person pricing and online booking.

The Outdoor Exploration Package is the perfect mix of outdoor family fun.  This package includes a 30-minute session on our outdoor climbing and 30-minutes each of Archery and Slingshot Target Shooting. Your group will be facilitated by a staff member that will accompany your group throughout the entire program.  This program is available for ages 5 and older.  Groups with children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by at least one adult.


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