Things To Do With Your Pre-Teen

September 16, 2016


Parents of preteens often struggle to find common ground with their youngsters. Though you might not have that much in common with your preteen, there are plenty of experiences and activities you can share with one another.

These shared experiences will prove especially important if your kids have entered the phase in which they are trying to establish their independence.

Engage in the following activities and your youngsters won’t feel as disconnected from mom and dad.

Pick a Weekly Sitcom or Drama

Sit down for a weekly drama or learning program with your preteen and the two of you just might learn something new. A show that piques your child’s interest will also provide a point of common ground. You can discuss the shows details after each episode and share your predictions for the upcoming plot twists and story lines.

Take a Field Trip

A field trip with mom and/or dad is a fantastic way to spend quality time together. Instead of taking a field trip on out to one of the common destinations like the zoo or aquarium, try something new like an escapade to Refreshing Mountain!

Our Christian retreat center is set amidst glorious greenery that will put even the most rambunctious youngster at ease. You’ll have the chance to share all sorts of fun and exciting outdoor activities like zipline canopy tours, nature hikes, problem solving challenges, refreshing swims, climbing towers and high ropes courses.

Share a Project

If you are looking for a hands-on way to build something with your preteen, tackle a project together.

Whether it is building a desk, creating a garden or preparing an elaborate meal, a shared project will provide you with some quality time to bond with your preteen.

Just be sure to involve your little one from the project’s beginning to its end. This way, he will feel as though his contributions are truly valued.

Enjoy an Outdoor Hike

It is sometimes difficult to bond with a youngster while in front of those attention-grabbing screens. Put down the smartphone and head outdoors for a nature hike.

A walk through the woods or other green space will give you a chance to see something out of the ordinary and have meaningful, in-depth conversations with your preteen.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Just about every kid loves animals. Float the idea of volunteering at the local animal shelter and your preteen will likely show immediate enthusiasm.

The two of you will meet all sorts of loving animals, have the chance to play with dogs and cats and bond while lending a helping hand in whatever capacity is necessary.

Refreshing Mountain is a year-round retreat and adventure center providing family friendly fun and refreshment for over 30 years in Lancaster County, PA. We provide a variety of outdoor adventures, day field trips, and corporate team-building events, and overnight getaways with activities including zipline canopy tours, high ropes course, climbing tower, problem solving challenges, and much more. Our center is built on 80 acres of beautiful PA woodland and is conveniently located just a short drive from Lancaster and Hershey attractions.